Free T-Shirt, Rockfield, Gig & Glastonbury


On 1st December I’m doing a one off MuZiK KluB special which will include a free  limited edition t-shirt. The t-shirt will be a one time offer and design to coincide with Beggars Archive re-releasing a special blue vinyl The Things We Make for RSD next April.

In early January we will be launching a Kickstarter to play a gig in Nottingham where we will play two sets one of which will be performing the whole of The Things We Make.

The band will be made up of original members and guest musicians including Ray Dickaty who played that flute on IOU Love and Saxaphone on some other six by seven stuff on the third album.

Ray was in Moonshake and part of the best Spiritualized line up from around Pure Phase and Ladies And Gentlemen. It’s gonna be a special night, but it will be completely in your hands whether it happens or not. I hope we can make this happen. I’ll be putting some cool rewards up for people to pledge for including some of my own original T-shirts, original vinyl and white labels and posters and promo stuff from 21 years ago.

More great news is that in two weeks time we are heading back to Rockfield Studios.

Some of you may have seen the recent Bohemian Rhapsody film which features Queen recording the song at Rockfield ‘Farm.’ Despite what the film tries to make out, Rockfield was always a state of the art recording studio and I’ve spent quite a few weeks there and I never heard a cow moo or a cockerel a-cockle-doodle-doo. I can tell you that what they show in that film as being Rockfield is not the real studio at all. Queen didn’t make that record in a huge barn that looks like a Viking Mead Hall!

Anyway, can’t wait to go back and record there, it’s my favourite place to make a record. I think this album will be the culmination of many things I’ve wanted to do in music since I started.

To tie in with all of this, the MuZiK KluB release will very much be part of the process of creating this record as the CD will feature 12 songs, some of which will be added to and worked on at Rockfield. There will also be a further 3 songs available as download and a letter from me explaining how I intend to go about making this record and what it’s all about.

So it will be great if you can take part in the process of making the record by getting the MuZiK KluB Release. You will get the demo’s before the album is made and an insight into what the record is about and how it will be recorded and of course a free t-shirt too. I’ll probably also do a follow up MuZiK KluB release talking about what happened in the studio, bonus tracks and possibly a Das Ist England T-shirt. It will be a great way to see into how an album is conceived and created artistically. I dunno if anyone else has ever done anything like this.


One last thing. Six by Seven will be appearing at Glastonbury next year too. More news on that nearer the time.

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