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Deadline for album credit 12PM tomorrow.


The deadline for getting your name on the album as executive producer is tomorrow at 12 PM – after which I shall be submitting artwork and audio to printers and pressing plant. The album should take 6-8 weeks to arrive after that.

Click HERE to put your name onto rock history 😉

I listened to the album the day before yesterday again after taking a break from it. It’s always advisable to do this. It didn’t need any changes or edits…it rocks, I’m really pleased with it.

Deadline set for album credit

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Ever wanted to be an executive producer?

I have now set a deadline of Wednesday 17th October to get your name on the artwork of the new album, The World Hates Me And The Feeling’s Mutual, as executive producer.

If you have already pledged, then please make sure you respond to the Kickstarter survey before 17th October so I can add your name to the artwork.

If you didn’t pledge, then you still have a chance to get your name on the album by getting a pre-order HERE before 17th October.

Thanks CHRIS

Importance of Kickstarter and why music is shit.

max martin

Max Martin picks up another award for one of his hits. Old Max has been feasting on Satan’s pecker for so long now that he makes Abba sound like Captain Beefheart. Max doesn’t care, he has 300 million in the bank and is passing on Satan’s sperm to the rest of the world.

Music sucks and here is why…

Music lacks harmonic complexity and timbral diversity and is compressed to sound louder. Timbral diversity is a richness and depth in sound that you get when you put a microphone up against things of metal and wood being hit. This texture in sound peaked in the 60’s and has been going downhill ever since.

Most modern music is recorded with a drum machine (mostly in a computer, not even a real hardware drum machine) and made with a keyboard and a computer. If you don’t believe me, listen to BBC Radio One for two hours.

If you do this, you will also notice how many songs sound the same because hundreds of artists now use the same sequence of notes and go whoa whoa on everything. This is known as the millenial whoop. Also, right now and over the last 10 or so years, most pop music has been written by the same two people; Max Martin and Lukasz Gottwald. If you are under 30, these two cunts have been fucking you for a long time.

Added to this, the powers that be have created a world of uncertainty and lies and kept us all confused so now we crave familiarity more and more. Then there is the access to millions of songs instantly. Our attention spans ain’t what they used to be. Before, you spent more money on less music and so you applied yourself to the music more, squeezed more out of it and were prepared for more experimentation. Now it’s time to skip and flick and music has to be crammed full of hooks right from the first bar.

The loudness war. Music is compressed so it appears to be louder when all that is really happening is the dynamic range is being reduced.

The risk factor. In the old days demo’s were sent to labels and bands were signed. More bands were signed and less was spent on marketing. The public voted with their ears. Music was of a higher musical standard because of this, and although many bands failed to cross over into the mainstream, those that did, financed the labels to keep signing the ones that didn’t. More diversity, more experimental music.

Now it takes between £500- £3 million to market the act. Does Simon Cowell or anyone else want to risk losing that? Take a pretty face from a talent show and foist.

Globalisation. It’s now easy to take that TV reality star in the making and put her in every magazine, on every radio station and TV show and use her song in the latest movie and have her perform in the big arenas etc. because one company owns all venues, radio and TV stations and magazines.

Ans so you get James Blunt. Three times they tried to break that song ‘You’re beautiful.’ We knew it was tosh and we didn’t want it but millions had been spent and a return was needed. By the third time they paid all the staff in the record shops to ding the barcode of his record in for every sale made in the shop. Unsurprisingly, he went to number one.

Once James Blunt is number one, even if you didn’t like it before, after repeated listens, most people start to like it. You get brainwashed. Humans love repetition, especially in music.

There are loads of great bands out there but they won’t be signed because they are too risky. Music needs to remain experimental and should remain as a valid art form and not disappear into the commercial fog.

We just raised £4578 through Kickstarter to make an Orange Vinyl album that will only be available in a very limited form. Most people who bought it are getting a credit as an executive producer on the records artwork. Why? Because that is exactly what they are! You still have time to get your name on this record if you want to. So become a patron of the arts and keep music evil (as BJM would say).

Grab a record HERE before it’s too late to help and make a difference in this ever more fucked up world we live in.

Go and help Lesley out over at the Beggars Arkive as she tries to keep the great music of yesterday alive too. She’s given us The Closer You Get again with a second Peel sessions and B-sides album. An amazing package for only £20. She’s doing it all again with The Things We Make. Help her out and keep the Beggars Arkive alive. It’s important.

Also, got some of these old six by seven albums off me, on sale for a just a quid…just a few left.




New Walls Of Dada video


Taken from the new Walls Of Dada album from me and Pete from the Dandy’s. Coming soon on white vinyl…



And I’m listening to Wire on the radio
‘Outdoor Miner’ what a tune
There’s this music…
It helps me but it can’t save me

And nothing seems to be good enough
Just a simple stroke on my head
My forehead, should do the trick for now

And can you do that thing for me?
Yeah will you do that thing for me today?

Yeah can you do that simple thing for me?
Yeah the one I love; the one that makes it real

It’s the Devil who finds a way to slip into your life
It’s the Devil who finds a way to slip into your life

It’s been going on for too long
It’s been going on for too long
I need some help
I need some help to fix me this time

And can you do that thing to me?
Yeah will you do that thing to me today?
Yeah can you do that simple thing with me?
The one I love; the one that makes it real

It’s the Devil who finds a way to slip into your life
It’s the Devil who finds a way to slip into your life

And can you do that thing with me today?

Yeah will you do that thing with me again and again?
Yeah can you do that simple thing for me?

Yeah the one I love; the one that makes it real…

Kickstarter ends at 8PM tonight

I was hoping to send a mailchimp newsletter out but I have exceeded my limit so I’m gonna just send a blog post out as a reminder that the campaign is going to end at 8PM tonight.

pledge  H E R E  before it’s too late..!

When I started the campaign I set the goal to £3000 and really wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. However, after a slowish start, a lot of people started pledging after I put the video up of me in the studio playing back some rough mixes so you could hear what the album was going to sound like.

Now we have sold 143 albums and reached £4523. It’s amazing.

I’m only making 250 of these albums so that leaves around 134 left over.

(27 of pledges are for the download only).

I would normally keep 30 back to sell at gigs and I’ve also sold a few in bulk.

I will usually send around 20 to press and radio and give about 10 to friends and band members and people involved who have contributed towards the record. I also put around 10 aside for lost or damaged records.

So after taking all those out of what is left, it leaves about 59 records to go into the shops. My label and distributor, Cargo, will want to put at least 10 in their online shop too. So that’s only just a few left to get them into a few of the major indy stores. They will be sold in a month.

So I won’t be putting the album on bandcamp. I may be able to put a few up there but I won’t know for sure until I know how many I have left after everything has been posted out. To be honest, what normally happens is that people who have missed the campaign will usually just email me and ask me if I have a copy to sell them. So it’s looking unlikely that I will put this album up for sale on my websites after the campaign.

So I would say , if you want this record guaranteed, I would pledge now before 8PM.

All that leaves me to say is a great big thank you to everyone who has pledged to make this Orange vinyl record happen.

PS. The books will definitely not be on sale again after this campaign. I’m only going to make however many copies are pledged for.