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Six By Seven Things We Make Live @ Rough Trade Nottingham

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…pleased to announce this gig. Obviously, it’s not gonna be a full set but we will try and play as much of the debut album as possible. Rough Trade will also be gathering the last RSD releases together from all the RSD stores to sell on the night. Only 20 or so left we’re told… more details HERE


Glastonbury warm-up live set + signing  (7:30 PM)

event for…

May 01, 2019


Rough Trade Nottingham


The Things We Make Live CD

A recording of the recent Six By Seven gig at The Maze in Nottingham where the band played the whole of The Things We Make album is now available on digipak through the MuZiK KluB. The gig also includes England And A Broken Radio, COLDER and TRUCE which were played as encores.

Included with the release is another CD with 7 brand new studio tracks and a third CD featuring a radio show I have recorded.

You can also buy the whole lot as a download.

Buy them HERE and also have a listen to the alternative live version of TRUCE which we played that night. The gig was recorded on 16 track.

Das Ist England…

…funded, finished and on it’s way to the pressing plant and printers.
Thanks everyone and special thanks to Sally for making the videos.




A1. War Dance
A2. Laurie Cunningham And Cyrille Regis Are Dead
A3. SAFE (Deine Liebe) I Can’t (Fake It)
A4. Pissing Down (Home Is Where The Heart Is)
A5. So Long I’ve Waited
A6. Verschwende Deine Zeit Mit Mir
A7. Mein Herz

B1. Common Prayer For The Common Man
B2. The Zephenia Song
B3. Set Me Free
B5. Am Ridderspass / Gehirnschlag

1. Ain’t Going To Freudenberg
2. Wetter (A.D. Ruhr)
3. Der Suppenkasperle
+ all unedited versions of album tracks

The Things We Make Gig…

Last nights gig was great. Thanks to all of you who came from far and wide to see it. I’m in the process of organising another one in London at the moment just after we play Glastonbury. More news to follow on when and where.


The current ‘Das Ist England’ vinyl album kickstarter campaign ends tonight at 8 PM. This is your last chance to bid for a signed copy of the album and get the accompanying book. PLEDGE HERE





New Video For “Das Ist England”…


Here’s a great video made by Sally Lifely to the DAF inspired bi-lingual song:

“SAFE (Deine Liebe) I Can’t (Fake it)” taken from the forthcoming “Das Ist England” album by Six by Seven.

We’ve now reached the campaign goal so the album will definitely be going ahead and I will be sending everything off to the printers and pressing plant this week.

It’s a great sounding album and was recorded at Rockfield Studios last December. It’s definitely out there…it’s cosmic and groovy like the Geman bands of the 70’s and early 80’s which I grew up listening to.

Please pledge for the album HERE, there will only ever be 250 of them. The last album The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual is down to it’s last few copies with Rough Trade already having sold out now and it’s already made it’s way onto discogs.

Pledge now for a signed copy before it’s too late!

Things We Make Souvenir Programmes


For those of you shrewd enough to pledge for a souvenir programme during the Things We Make Maze gig Kickstarter…they arrived today and look super cool and super glossy. I will post them out towards the end of the month to those who bought them without a gig ticket (so they arrive at your door on or around the day of the gig).

The programmes will be at the door for those of you who bought them with a ticket.

Thank you very much to everyone who pledged for these to make them happen.