MuZiK KluB 23 posted


I just posted the latest MuZiK KluB’s and they look great, especially the contact sheets, I shall be giving more of those away next month. I just went out to the post office on the motorbike thinking it would cool me down in this heat but it actualy made it worse, it felt like someone was pointing 10 hairdryers at me.

RIDE Albert Hall, Manchester

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I went to see Ride last night at The Albert Hall in Manchester. I’ve met, the lovely, Mark Gardner a few times on my travels abroad and was lucky enough to be invited to a fantastic sold out show. It’s always a buzz going to Manchester. The sound was incredible, no way do I remember Ride being that good in the early ninetees. Second song, Like A Daydream, actually brought a tear to my eye, nostalgia is a sad thing, for me anyway! The atmosphere was incredible, a bit like what I would imagine a 60’s hippy festival would be like. All this talk of Britains Greatest Generation, yeah hats off to them but just ’cause we didn’t fly Spitfires doesn’t mean we didn’t count. Watching RIDE made me feel proud to be British in a strange way, so much great music, popular and on the fringes, and the fringes are always way more interesting.

I also met Bonehead from Oasis who just happened to come and stand right next to me in the VIP area (or in my case VIN – Very Important Nobody). I chatted to him afterward, what a nice man. We talked about how it feels to play Aquiesce full blast in front of 40.000 people, tattered hearing and how Noel Gallagher wrote Supersonic, from beginning to end, in just half an hour. He also confirmed to me that RIDE were never this good in the early ninetees. :-)

Leave Them All Behind
Like a Daydream
Polar Bear
Cool Your Boots
Black Nite Crash
Natural Grace
Dreams Burn Down
Time of Her Time
Chrome Waves
Vapour Trail
Drive Blind

Mouse Trap
Chelsea Girl
I Wanna Be Your Dog

New MuZiK KluB out.number 22

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8 fantastic new tracks and a very funny live bootleg!
There’s also a 16 page lyric booklet, the usual vinyl style CD, A genuine Tour Laminate and also an old tour itinerary from a New York show when Interpol supported six by seven + the newsletter.

This month I’ve been recording with real drums again, but in a very simple way. The songs remind me of Elliott Smith a bit (Either Or period)… I guess you can listen to a stream of the track Four Winds on the site and make up your own minds!

Included in this months release is also an 11 track live bootleg CD of six by seven playing at the Louisianna, Bristol 23rd July 2013 on the Love Peace And Sympathy tour. When I mastered this I left all the exchanges between audience and band on it, including James Flowers’ technical goof which caused us to stop playing So Close after the intro. It left me having to tell a rude joke. Which was nice.

Fifty today

Yep, 50 years on the planet today. Big thanks to all my family who chipped in to help me get a screen and a sissy bar for my bike! 

Now I’m the same age as Hitler was in 1939 but I’m in no position to invade Poland. I’m 8 years older than Elvis ever got largely thanks to a healthy diet and no prescription pills. I got 10 years further than Lennon but never wrote the songs, but neither did McCartney. I ain’t gonna be on TOTPops and I have to finally accept I’m never going to play in goal for West Ham.

So what does the future hold? Nothing I guess! A downhill slide towards a mortal illness? I can’t retire from music because I love it and it keeps me sane. Will I go out in a blaze of morphine on a hospital bed or screaming furiously as England lose a cup final? I suppose I could become a zombie in an old peoples home, Alzheiming at the wall.

Lots to look forward to then but in the meantime I’m going to live every day the best I can, like its my proverbial last, starting by going out for a meal tonight! God bless you all.


Flanders Trip

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About 12 hours on the bike, about 8 blisters on my feet, 4 museums, 3 cemeteries, 2 pizza’s, 1 Spag Bol and probably over 20 cans of Jupiter! Cool weekend!

On the first picture of the slideshow you can see where the word ‘determined’ was added to the monument, replacing the word ‘barbaric’. This was done after the second world war by the Worcestershire Regiment.

The second picture shows the headstone of a general who died in 1982 and wanted his ashes spread across the same land all his men had died on. The old general was on a trip down the Nile in Egypt when he got talking to a Belgian tourist and told him about where he fought in the Great War and what he wanted to happen to him after he died. The Belgian turned out to live in Zillebeke on the Ypres Salient, exactly where the general had fought and promised him that he would take care of his wishes and look after his headstone. The house where the Belgian man lived is right behind the headstone and the people that live there today still maintain the little graveyard. The General has now been joined by his wife and daughter who are now buried beside him.