Rough Trade Gig…

Thanks to everyone who came to Rough Trade in Nottingham yesterday, great venue and great sound and we were all quite shocked at the big turn out! First gig in 17 years and it rocked. We had an idea how we would start the set but we made the rest up as we went along. Roll on March 4th.

A Beautiful Shape

European Me

Something Wild

Oh! Dear

My Life Is An Accident

So Close

IOU Love

Don’t Wanna Stop / Slab Square

Rough Trade gig tomorrow…

Don’t forget…we will be playing for about half an hour or more (if we are allowed to!) tomorrow night at the Rough Trade Shop in Nottingham and it’s completely FREE!!

We don’t know exactly what songs we are going to be playing yet but it will all be stuff off the first three albums. Please come down and bring your records and any stuff you want signing.

should an artist always just keep going?

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Type “should an artist always just keep going?” into google. Scroll down randomly and click on a link. Take two things you see on that next page and place them together in one image. Don’t think about it too much. Load each image up as a single slide show.

You now have a snapshot of what you will have been presented with and seen whilst doing your research into “should an artist always just keep going?”

I’m not making this shit up. I did it over breakfast. How many images do we see a day? How many weird juxtapositions?

What’s more is that you will have been monitored whilst doing this. It will be interesting to see what is fired at me next time I go onto the internet.

We are all just going to be governed by algorithms and pushed into our own private world and kept apart and controlled whilst buy buy buying.

The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste…

There is a documentary coming out in two weeks time about six by seven. It’s still being made so we can’t say too much about it yet. It’s got some notable people in it and they filmed me for 3 days around Nottingham six by seven haunts and in my studio and the old Square Centre Studios where we recorded quite a bit of stuff including The Closer You Get.

Dunno about you but I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully there will be a premiere in Nottingham or London.

Lou and Andy and being ‘prolific’…


I couldn’t give a, I really couldn’t. People call me prolific but I’m not really. I just got the new MuZiK KluB Cd’s delivered for next months release..number 44. Hang on that’s nearly four years I’ve been doing this; doesn’t make me prolific though, all I’m doing is sharing it…for a price. That price makes it quite unavailable to a lot of people. That’s the way I want it though, you can download for free and I give enough free stuff away in a year too. People have chastised me for this ‘elitist pricing’. I don’t care. If you can’t afford it and don’t want to pay £20 then don’t buy it. BTW. It’s still £20 4 years later so it’s actually dropped in price. Truth is, I steadily sold more so I never needed to put the price up, as my costs went up I covered that cost. That’s art for the people…people!

So what do you do? You get up and go to work and do a job for most of the day? Yep, probably. I do this you know. I start writing songs at about 7AM, in bed. I like to write lyrics first thing in the morning before my mind has been tampered with. I don’t listen to the radio anymore and try and stay away from TV. All that stuff is designed to misinform you, give you a reality that doesn’t exist and keep you in a state of fear. The other day my Missus was watching something called ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ and how we laughed as they told us the rice we had been eating (for thousands of years) is laced with arsenic. Christ, how did I make it this far? Mummy, I’m scared, the rice might kill me.

I love this story about Andy Warhol and Lou Reed, I don’t know if I got it right but it goes something like this… Andy asks Lou how many songs he’s written today and Lou says something like 5 and Andy says: “God, you’re so lazy, go and write me a song, call it Vicious but make it vicious like a Flower.” You get the idea. So how many songs should you write a day? How many can you write a day…if you’re getting paid. How many did Bacharach and David write in a day in the famous Brill building in New York. I met his publisher, he told me, it was an unbelievably high number.

So if I write one song a day, that’s not hard to do is it? Pick up a guitar, write a song with a plectrum, a pen and a piece of paper. That’s 30 songs a month. Shit! Suddenly I’m not so prolific after all, I’ve become a lazy- arse like Lou and the MuZiK KluB is a slacker.

Next months MuZiK KluB is a corker. There’s something about working in three’s. It sort of free’s you up. One to get started, one to get into and one to get bored by. This is part three and it’s the best one and it’s a double CD release again as I’m going to release another CD of unreleased demo’s too. Sorry, just being a slacker.

Tomorrow, according to Victoria Segal at Q Magazine, it’s officially Flamethrower rock day. That’s what she calls our particular brand of music concerning the six by seven Beggars Arkive re-release and Greatest Hits. It’s coming out tomorrow and BBC 6 music are gonna play us on the Breakfast show. Beggars are working hard to get us ‘album of the day’on 6 music, so when you hear us tomorrow, write to them and tell em you love us and it might just happen. Don’t forget, people power is what made this release happen in the first place. People power keeps the MuZiK KluB going. It’s you who are prolific, not me.

I love you all. Power to the people and art for arts sake and money for Gods sake.