six by seven London show announcement

six by seevn maze photo


six by seven will be playing a unique one off show at The Borderline in London on Saturday 14th April.

This show will be an album launch for the record we are making at Rockfield Studios in mid February.

The Borderline has a capacity of 300 so this show will probably sell out, tickets are on sale today, grab one quick to make sure you don’t miss this spectacular sonic assault with two drummers! The recent show in Nottingham was rocking and we lost count how many people who had seen us loads of times before said this was the best six by seven show they had seen. It was certainly the best gig I’ve ever done. Get your tickets HERE

So far we are up to 95 backers on Kickstarter for the Rockfield Album. Please pledge to make sure you get a copy of this album. If we don’t get more than 150 pledges I’m only going to make 300 vinyl. After sending all the Kicksarter vinyl rewards out we will sell the remaining copies at the gig in April and then in the shops in May (reason for this below in red). They will be gone very very quickly.

If you pledge, it will be like a pre-order and you will definitely get a copy and it will be sent to you in March 2018. So it makes sense to pledge! Also, if I get more than 150 pledges I’ll be able to make 500 and put the record on coloured vinyl and generally make it a bit more spesh! So please pledge by clicking HERE.

The reason the Rockfield album won’t be out until May 2018 is because of Record Store Day when we will be releasing a double vinyl deluxe edition of six by seven:04. This will be available on record store day in April on red and green heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and cost just £14.99 on the day. It will be limited to 500 copies and is being pressed up right now.

Kickstarter is great, the money goes to the band and enables us to keep going and do things like play at The Borderline in London 😉
So please pledge for the vinyl and support us by coming to The Borderline in London in April. 

Don’t forget that there is a one off MuZiK KluB Special with two albums worth of music out now….get it HERE.


Peace And Love CHRIS


New MuZiK KluB release 51


I’ve put out a MuZiK KluB release, a one off, it’s number 51. The music that’s on the main CD was not really suitable for the bandcamp page and I didn’t want to throw it away  because it’s pretty good as it was recorded in my studio with drums, bass and guitar and more guitars and vocals overdubbed later. I was working on an album and we were just playing and jamming tracks down with vocals and finished lyrics. I was listening to a lot of Thurston Moore and Can and the record is very groovy with chimey guitars but it wasn’t the sound I was looking for so halfway through the overdubbing I abandoned it.

I’ve also included 5 extra songs with those abandoned album recordings which were recorded over the last 3 months or so.

There is also a second CD with the release. I’ve had some digipak CD’s manufactured of my solo album ‘Sign On You Crazy Diamond.’ (The picture above is a mock up, I’ll put some pictures of the actual stock up when I get them delivered this week)

I released this album quite a few years ago through bandcamp but then deleted the Chris Olley bandcamp page and forgot about the album. I stumbled across it recently and listened to it and was surprised at how good it sounded. It was made on a laptop and has a very Kraut feel to it and a few songs are in German too.

Anyway, it’s another MuZiK KluB release! I’ll be sending them out around the middle of this week.  Click HERE to buy.


Mother Of Life Video

Awesome video by Adrian from The Glove Of Bones. This is one of the songs we will be re-recording and re-working at Rockfield in February. It’s gonna sound amazing recoded in that studio with two drummers. Please keep pledging for the album, the more pledges the better we can make this, click HERE to pledge. Thanks.

New Kickstarter launched, join 6×7 at Rockfield Studios…

Help us make a great album and join us at Rockfield!

Went to see 3 great bands this weekend. Metz in Leeds and At The Drive In and Royal Blood last night at the Arena in Nottingham. Metz were awesome, reminded me of Fugazi without the shitty funk bits. At The Drive In were great too, they look and sound like MC5.

The sound of that bass guitar in Royal Blood sounds like a band in itself.

The other two bands were all fire and passion but Royal Blood were in a different league because they do it with just two people and boy they can write some great tunes.

Anyway. please head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge for what will be a cosmic and classic six by seven album. Click HERE