MuZIK KluB 41…
Muzik Klub release number 41 is now available at 

It features 8 tunes which I really like. They are vocally quite different and experimental and three of the tracks are from the six by seven EX sessions. It’s very Krautrock and guitar driven and also has a another carefully crafted compilation cd, but best of all you get a Crimble card from yours truly included!

Right, now I’m off to try everything in my power to stop the Christmas tree going up in our house today. Hashtag….keep Christmas at Christmas! 

EX Campaign…


The album campaign finishes on Thursday. Don’t forget, this album looks and sounds really cool, please go and pledge if you can. I recently sent out a free download off the album and although I can’t see who has downloaded it I can see how many have been downloaded. Now if everyone who’s downloaded it actually bought the album, we could make the next one at Rockfield studios, think about that!

I’m not complaining though. Maybe some of you don’t like it or it’s just not your cup of tea. I’m going to send out another free track off the album later tonight and see if the same amount of people take that one. If you do and like both tracks then you should buy it, probably, I don’t know? I’m just happy to be making music and want to carry on and although I realise I can’t go to Rockfield I’m more than happy to be alive and kicking and making the music I want to…at this moment in time.

KEEP MUSIC EVIL as BJM would say!

Here is a list of what this album is worth, or, other things you could have instead of buying the album for a tenner….

  1. 3.8 takeaway cups of coffee – at roughly £2.60 for a medium cappuccino, you can buy a coffee every other day of the working week instead of 9 glorious tracks of music.
  2. Head to the cinema. At £9.30 for an adult ticket, you can shake off the stress from the week without having to listen to this album at all.
  3. Treat yourself to two 11-inch pizzas from your favourite pizza takeaway. Shop around for the best deals and forget about getting this retro looking style CD on green vinyl.
  4. Not a fan of pizza? Don’t buy Six By Seven – EX and go for the healthy option and grab yourself around 28.5 apples instead!
  5. Keep up to date with all the latest news with the 18 newspapers you’d be able to purchase. Or, get your information about Trump being a twat off the internet and buy the record instead.
  6. Gone are the days you could buy 10 lottery tickets for a tenner, these days you can get your hands on five to try your hand at winning the jackpot! You’ll quite probably never win though and this album comes in a lovely wallet with inner bag and cello-wrapped and will keep nice for a long long time!
  7. Want to get fit? For £10 a week you could buy a gym membership and get toned for the big Christmas office party. Or forget that shit and listen to some cool krautrock and smoke a large one and treat yourself to a whiskey.
  8. Men can go out and grab themselves a new look with a haircut at their local barber, coming in at £8-10 a week. Save the money and grow your hair like Damo Suzuki from Can and listen to 45 minutes of six by seven’s EX!

London gig announced…

six by seven 211.jpg

Due to the success of the Nottingham show selling out, Rock City have offered us a show in London at The Garage which will be taking place the following Saturday. It’s announced today but tickets don’t go on sale until this Friday.

This will be a ‘best of’ set. We won’t be playing two sets and The Closer You Get in it’s entirety at this show, that’s only gonna happen in Nottingham as a one off right now.

It’s still gonna be epic though with the original first two albums line up and a great set of songs. Here is the press release which they haven’t put on the Garage website yet….

“Six By Seven is a rock group formed in 1994, it’s only constant member being singer and composer Chris Olley. The band recorded three albums for Beggars Banquet Records, toured extensively, had two hit singles, did 5 Peel Sessions and played on the renowned BBC show Later With Jools Holland. 

Currently plans are afoot for a six by seven retrospective release through their first label Beggars Banquet.
This show will be comprised of many of six by seven fans favourite songs and the setlist will draw extensively from the first two albums particularly the sophomore classic The Closer You Get as it will be a reunified line up performing these songs, the same line up which made the first two albums. It’s going to be a rocking night and so far this is the only show that is planned after the bands recent sell out reunion show in their hometown of Nottingham.”
Saturday 11th March 2017, 7:00 pm
10:00 pm curfew 
Main room
Tickets: £20.00