Get Sum…


I’m loving this new little Twelve album I’ve just put out. It’s totally different from any of the other Twelve albums but still fits the Krautrock brief; Acid-Kraut! I played it live with a Roland 707 drum machine and two 303 bassline machines into a multitrack recorder (not a computer). It has an old skool sound and it’s got a helluva groovy bounce to it.

The title track, Get Sum, reminds me and my wife of an old acid track but we can’t put our fingers on which one it is. Quite possibly from the 90’s but could be later…a free album to anyone who can tell us, it’s driving us mad!

MuZiK KluB…yeaargh…


There’s been a bit of a storm on the MuZiK KluB this month…! Been at it all day and gonna have to change my policy about just 40 free albums. So if you want it, there’s going to be more. With this album coming out as a limited edition vinyl only release for record store day I was told I could give some away with my MuZiK KluB. I thought 40 would do it but because of the demand I’m going to make it a few more…

First Radio Bremen Cassette is out now



Click here to listen to the songs from this great band that has all the charm and skewed and beautiful edgy hooks and melodies of an early Mercury Rev.

I’m proud to have this as the first release. All Cassettes come with an immediate high quality download upon purchase.

Support fringe music, Justin Bieber is currently at number one, two and three in the charts.



Bowie RIP

I can’t believe how sad I feel. I feel like I’ve lost a family member. His music meant so much and was so brilliant. The world is a different place without David Bowie in it.

Radio Bremen First Release

The first band to be released on my Radio Bremen Cassette label is going to be Reunionunion.

This band is a classic example of how tecnology and music are always and forever intrinsically linked. Essentially they are a duo that met at Canterbury Art College and now live in seperate parts of the world and make music together via the internet and computers.

They have done a full length album but on Thursday I shall be releasing a cassette with 8 brilliant tracks. I love all 8 tracks, tight compositions all coming in under the four minute mark, very psychedlic and very reminiscent of early Mercury Rev – Yerself Esteem / Boces era.