I AM Lono and other stuff…


I just wanted to tell you about a band I got involved with a few years ago. I really like this band called I Am Lono who started as a two piece and then got a drummer and then I hassled them for ages to let me join them on guitar. In the end they let me in and I was with them for about 8 months and had a hand in helping to shape and arrange some of their songs.

Unfortunately, as we started getting good, the drummer, Chris Moore, who was really their producer and a guitarist and not a drummer at all, felt that the band was now getting too good for him and they would have a better chance with a proper drummer in. At that point I left too as I liked the way things were with him on drums and didn’t really want to start all over again. Chris then helped me in six by seven and plays on the Abstraktion 12 album and has done 2 gigs with six by seven and will be doing more in march next year.

Anyway, Lono carried on and got a fantastic new drummer and added a bass player. Recently they recorded an EP with Ric Peet who produced loads of six by seven stuff and used to be in Candy Flip and worked with The Charlatans and Muse. So they have this EP out at the moment (pictured above) which I have a credit on as arranger, and I wondered if you might like it and like some of their other stuff on bandcamp.

Check it out HERE

I always thought they had a great sound, a bit like Killing Joke, and a great singer and were able to write catchy songs. Check ’em out and give ’em your support if you like them! I’m going to see them play tonight in Nottingham. If you’re in the area, they are playing at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery and it’s free.



I got an email today saying that the Orange vinyl album ‘The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual’ will be shipped to my house next week! This is incredibly fast. But what is even more incredible is that, for a limited time, I have uploaded the entire first side of the album onto soundcloud for you to listen to.

This is a concept album and both sides are segued into one long song. The idea is that you listen to each side as one long segment. You get both sides as a long piece of audio with the download but you also get the individual tracks if you want to listen to each song on it’s own on your player. There are also an extra 4 tracks with the download. The album is limited to 300 and there are only around 90 left to buy.

So pop over to soundcloud, make a cup of tea TURN IT UP LOUD and let yourself be assaulted by 21 minutes of live raging Moog, Hammond, drums and guitar. Click HERE

I don’t know when the album will arrive exactly next week but I will send it out the same day it arrives at my house.

You can buy the album HERE

“If it has more than three chords, it’s jazz.”
– Lou Reed

click HERE to listen.




Walls Of Dada on Soundcloud

We’ve put Walls Of Dada up onto soundcloud so you can get an idea of what the new album sounds like. Here is one of the bonus tracks included with this 8 track album. They are all tracks which could have made it onto the record but we just didn’t have the space on the vinyl. There are 5 bonus tracks altogether as download.

Keep an eye on the Soundcloud site as we put more songs up over the next few days.

Album is available HERE limited to 300 on white vinyl for only £14.99 for a limited time. They are selling fast. The first album is also on special offer at the moment for just £10 on pink vinyl. Very few left of these now.

Walls Of Dada II white vinyl out now


Brand new Walls Of Dada album out now on white vinyl limited edition for just £14.99 click HERE

This is the second album from me and Pete from the Dandy Warhols and it’s very much a continuation of the first. If you have the first album and like it, you will love this one too. If you don’t have the first album, which is on pink vinyl, you can also get that HERE for one week only for £10.

These albums were expensive to make and we are doing them as cheaply as possible so please help us and help keep music dark and dangerous!

The new album contains 8 tracks plus an extra 5 tracks with the free download.

Both albums are limited to 300 and the first one only has around 30 copies left.

This music is for fans of Joy Division, Bauhaus early Cure and Cabaret Voltaire.



Deadline for album credit 12PM tomorrow.


The deadline for getting your name on the album as executive producer is tomorrow at 12 PM – after which I shall be submitting artwork and audio to printers and pressing plant. The album should take 6-8 weeks to arrive after that.

Click HERE to put your name onto rock history 😉

I listened to the album the day before yesterday again after taking a break from it. It’s always advisable to do this. It didn’t need any changes or edits…it rocks, I’m really pleased with it.