New Kickstarter launched…

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Check it out HERE

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a cool book about 51 six by seven songs.

The book contains a comprehensive foreword as well as all of the lyrics to the 51 songs and essays, notes and stories about each song.

So this is much more than a simple book of lyrics; it’s part autobiography, band biography and it also talks about things like recording processes and songwriting techniques.

There’s plenty of other great rewards to pledge for too including a guitar, memorabilia and a meal with yours truly at Nottingham’s finest restaurant.

Come on, you only live once.




The Things I Make Book…


I’ve just finished writing this book this morning. It’s called The Things I Make; Selected six by seven Lyrics.

The way I decided to write the book was to pick 50 songs from beginning until present and write about each one; writing out all of the lyrics, looking at the meaning of the lyrics and also including stories about the band, recording processes and anything else that I thought would be interesting and relevant for fans to know about.

I basically copied Billy Bragg’s book called A Lover Sings.

As well as a very personal account of my life through the words I’ve written, it’s also an explanation of the history of the band, it’s members and what happened along the way as these songs were being written. It goes much deeper than I expected and I really enjoyed writing it because it was so therapeutic looking back at these songs and deciphering their meaning and talking about how they came about. It opened my eyes to a lot of things I never even realised where there. The time was right to do it now.

My lyrics have always been survival mechanisms to help stop me from going mad or even killing myself. The song For You for example is a song about suicide, there is a lot of death in my songs and I’ve tried to work out why, after all, I’m not a Goth.

When I wrote them I often didn’t understand what I was going through. Mostly I would write without thinking too much about what it was I was trying to say, I would just write it down and think about it later. I wrote a lot of stuff down and then would write the lyrics in a massive frenzied burst of energy. For example, all of the lyrics to the album The Way I Feel Today were written in one day.

My words have always been highly personal and always motivated by the things going on in my life or the things going on around me that sometimes, so it would seem, I never even knew existed and were affecting me. I think that’s what makes these stories and lyrics interesting.

I’m going to self publish it in hardback through Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

Here are the songs…and yep, if you read it you will find out what 88-92-96 means! Never before revealed. ūüôā


  1. A Beautiful Shape
  2. European Me
  3. Candleight
  4. For You
  5. Something Wild
  6. Spy Song
  7. Brilliantly Cute
  8. Oh! Dear
  9. 88-92-96
  10. Your Town
  11. Get A Real Tattoo
  12. July, August Winter
  13. Always Waiting For…
  14. Eat Junk Become Junk
  15. Sawn Off Metallica T-shirt
  16. New Year
  17. 10 Places To Die
  18. England And A Broken Radio
  19. One Easy Ship Away
  20. Another Love Song
  21. Don’t Wanna Stop
  22. Slab Square
  23. 100 And Something Foxhall Road
  24. My Life Is An Accident
  25. Overnight Success
  26. So Close
  27. IOU Love
  28. All My New Best Friends
  29. Karen O
  30. Anyway
  31. The Way I Feel Today
  32. American Beer
  33. Cafeteria rats
  34. Bad Man
  35. Speed Is In / Speed Is Out
  36. Fraggle Rock
  37. ‘Untitled’
  38. Bochum (Light Up My Life)
  39. There’s A Ghost
  40. Leave Me Alone
  41. Around
  42. Ocean
  43. Sailing Around The Horn
  44. Enemy
  45. CHANGE
  47. TRUCE
  48. MORE
  49. The Rise ANd Fall And Decline Of Everything
  50. COLDER
  51. Fall Into Your Arms


six by seven @ Rescue Rooms Nottingham

six by seven live

Really looking forward to playing this amazing venue in our hometown again.
It’s gonna sound huge in there with two drummers and two Marshall stacks.
Gonna aim to be the loudest band that’s ever played there.

Saturday night, 15th September 2018

Tickets on sale today… HERE

Hard sales..RSD left overs, T-Shirt…

IMG_0194There are 30 sixbyseven:04’s left which are now on sale here from the Cargo website. These are what’s left overs from the 500 we had made for Record Store Day. If you didn’t get one, now is your chance but don’t leave it too long.

I don’t know how many Abstraktion 12’s are left, I’m trying to find out. There’s no rush with these though just yet. Last I heard last week was that there was still just over 100 left. They wil take a couple of months to sell.

Please don’t email me asking me for copies, either now or once they have sold out from Cargo. I don’t and won’t have any here in the future.

The Abstraktion 12 T-shirt campaign ends tomorrow. Get your one off super sexy silk screen printed T-shirt HERE


Abstraktion 12 Album OUT NOW…


The last Kickstarter campaign was called¬†‘Rockfield Album’¬†and was designed to raise funds for recording an album at Rockfield Studios. The campaign was a success and the album we recorded and are releasing today is called¬†Abstraktion 12.

Therefore, if you pledged for an album during that Rockfield Album Kickstarter Campaign there is no need to head on over to the Cargo website and buy it, you should receive a vinyl or deluxe CD in the post today. If you live abroad you will get it sometime next week.


The album is limited to 200 double vinyl only and will therefore only be for sale online from the Cargo Website through mail order. It won’t be available as download or CD and it won’t be distributed through the shops.

You can check it out, read the blurb and buy it HERE

Abstraktion 12 is a unique album for these times. It was recorded live and mixed in just two days with two drummers and two Marshall stacks (and vocal).

It¬†was not only recorded like albums of old, it has also¬†not taken part in the modern useless phenomenon and musical horse manure that is known as ‘the loudness war.’ (This is when you push the level and compress the dynamics out of a recording to ensure it comes out of the stereo player as loud as possible).

In fact, this record has not been mastered at all. What you get on the vinyl is exactly what was recorded in the studio.

Therefore, when it arrives, make sure you treat it like a record of old, in the same special way. Take some time out, sit in front of the speakers and turn it up. Like original albums from the 1970’s, it will be quieter than your modern albums, but there is an easy remedy for this, you don’t need to compress the life out of it, you just turn it up on your system! You don’t need to crank it right¬†up though (you can if you want –¬† the louder the better), all you have to do is adjust the volume to about twice as loud as you would normally have it. The record will then spring into life and the dynamics will be superb and this record¬†will take you on a journey.

PS Don’t forget that the¬†Limited Editon Abstraktion 12 T-shirt¬†to go with the album is available¬†HERE¬†for two weeks only.

Side A:
1. Mind (Head-Fuck) 13:29

Side B:
1. Alone 17:40

Side C:
1. Fade Away 4:51
2. Well 9:30

Side D:
1. Mother Of Life 14:32,
2. Would You Die For Me? 4:52

(Running time: 65:06)