Free six by seven T-Shirt available now

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This month I’m releasing a unique one off MuZiK KluB with which you will get a free top quality T-shirt. (The last MuZik KluB release, number 51, was exactly a year ago.)

The T-shirt is in a nice dark Graphite Grey with an electric blue six by seven ‘Lines’ Logo.

Get your T-Shirt HERE

I’m giving this away as a limited special edition 21st Anniversary T-shirt as Beggars Archive are re-releasing a special Blue Vinyl Edition of The Things We Make for Record Store Day next year. This T-shirt will only be available to order from now until Thursday 6th December. (I need this cut off date so I can get them ordered and sent out before I go away to Rockfield so you get them before Xmas)

T-shirt things we make anniversary
This MuZiK KluB release is very special too as it contains recordings and demos and songs (15 in total) which we will be re-recording, re-working and overdubbing at Rockfield Studios in two weeks time. The release also features a letter from me explaining what the album is about and how I intend to go about recording it and making it. I think this is really interesting.

The album will be called ‘Das Ist England.’

This will be a unique chance for you to get an insiders view of the creation of this album and a chance to hear songs in pre-production and the reasoning behind the concept of the album. I’m already feeling that this album will be something really special and it’s a culmination of musical ideas I have been working towards artistically for a long time. I want to make this record to the highest standard and I’m so glad we are able to go to Rockfield Studios to start making it as everything recorded in that room, through that Neve desk sounds so good. The best you can get in fact.

So please buy this MuZiK KluB and get involved in the whole process of making an album and also get a lovely free T-shirt. I’ve also kept the MuZiK KluB at the same price as when I started it 5 years ago. I defy and laugh in the face of inflation even if my local Sainsbury’s don’t.

Hopefully, I will do another MuZiK KluB release at the end of the making of the album with bonus tracks and possibly another t-shirt with the album cover on it. This would round things up nicely and could give me some money towards marketing the album.

The music industry has changed so much but I love the way things have become more punk rock and artists can make the albums they want to. This has always been important to me. My life as an artist has always been about finding out what it was I wanted. Getting fans involved with helping to fund the albums with Kickstarters, MuZiK KluB releases and free t-shirts is a much better way of making a record.

It’s harder now for the artist but it’s more exciting and feels more real. The only thing I still hate is how much music is still repeatedly downloaded for free, again and again and again. If it wasn’t, I would be able to record everything I do at Rockfield and market it properly. We would be kings and making incredible records of high quality and able to reach out to bigger audiences and therefore be able to tour and play to more people. More people would be employed and more money generated and passed down to studios and musicians. The small independent bands would benefit more than anyone else and music would become more experimental and adventurous. But it’s not like that and I have to also understand that maybe I can only sell 1000 downloads because 8000 people are taking it for free. That’s the nature of the internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this that I’m doing now. It’s just how it is.

This is also why I still want to sometimes do MuZik KluB releases rather than bandcamp ones because I think that with some stuff, people actually need to commit to it and help the artist (if they want to) rather than the ‘having a listen and taking the bits you like for free’ kind of approach. Especially with these pre-production songs and the explanation behind them and how and what will be done to them is just as important. Anyway…

…on Saturday 30th March next year we will be doing a one off unique show in Nottingham playing two sets, one of which will be playing the whole of The Things We Make in it’s entirety. More news on that in early January.

Please buy the MuZiK KluB as this will be really helping me out with creating ‘Das Ist England’ and making it the most perfect album I possibly can. And… you get a free t-shirt in the process! If not for you, maybe for someone else.

Thank you all very much.
Best wishes and peace and love


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