Klub Motorik Twelve gig set list and pictures

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1. Creeps All Around Us
2. Time Left To Live Our Lives
3. Failing Light
4. Orchid
5. Bonus Disc Track
6. Geist
7. Water
8. Eclipse
9. Half-World
10. Clock, Tick-Tock
11. Bubble
12. Rising Early Makes The Day Long


MuZiK KluB *8

MuZiK KluB *8

I’ve really let this blog go in the last few months so it’s time to revive it by firstly showing a picture of what you get in the MuziK Klub number 8 release this month.[Click on picture for link to KluB] As you can see, you get loads and a FREE T-shirt!! Well I never! There are still a few T-Shirts left, but not many! Peace and Love – CHRIS