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six by seven EX demo’s II

I really enjoyed spending the last 3 weeks making these tracks with a Moog Model D and Korg KR55 and layering e-bow guitars and sporadic vocals over the top. They were intended to be demo’s to forge new ideas for drum beats and bass lines and vocal ideas but turned out to be great sounding in their own right.

The Moog Model D is hands down the greatest synth ever made.

New Kickstarter launched…

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Check it out HERE

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a cool book about 51 six by seven songs.

The book contains a comprehensive foreword as well as all of the lyrics to the 51 songs and essays, notes and stories about each song.

So this is much more than a simple book of lyrics; it’s part autobiography, band biography and it also talks about things like recording processes and songwriting techniques.

There’s plenty of other great rewards to pledge for too including a guitar, memorabilia and a meal with yours truly at Nottingham’s finest restaurant.

Come on, you only live once.



six by seven @ Rescue Rooms Nottingham

six by seven live

Really looking forward to playing this amazing venue in our hometown again.
It’s gonna sound huge in there with two drummers and two Marshall stacks.
Gonna aim to be the loudest band that’s ever played there.

Saturday night, 15th September 2018

Tickets on sale today… HERE

six by seven:04 Deluxe Vinyl…

This arrived just now and it looks AMAZING. Heavy weight vinyl too. Out in April for RSD limited edition of 500. (Please don’t ask me for one, these can only be sold through the designated shops on Record Store Day).

This is still my favourite six by seven album. This deluxe version also has the two tracks we did with Death In Vegas on it (Pretty Baby and She Didn’t Say – they were both used as B-sides). It also has the original heavy version of Ready For You Now on it.


Rockfield Studios


We had a great time this weekend at Rockfield in Wales recording the new album. We set up on Friday night, got sounds up on Saturday morning, recorded until about midnight and mixed all day Sunday. We could only have made the album like this in a place like Rockfield. We recorded everything live, including vocals (except for two small vocal overdubs and two small lead guitar overdubs).

Using two drummers and two guitars through two vintage Marshall Plexi’s into a Neve desk has given it that Crazy Horse sound. It’s going to be a double album as I just don’t want to edit anything out and keep the sound as live as possible.

This means that 2 songs have a whole side of vinyl each and the second vinyl has two tracks on each side. 6 songs in all. The record will only be available to buy from the Cargo website in about 8 weeks time and there will only be 200 for sale. After that, if you didn’t get one on Kickstarter there will be no way of buying or hearing this album by legal means, unless you come and see us live. We will be playing the new album in it’s entirety (plus old stuff) at the Borderline gig in London in April.

This album will never be on iTunes or Bandcamp or available for download and I will have it removed as soon as someone puts it on YouTube.

It was not only great fun making this record in the way that we did, it was also exceptional having all the six by seven Kickstarter pledgers down at the studio too. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a special and unique experience.

I’m looking forward to doing it all again.

I’m going to be putting more demo’s onto the Bandcamp site from now on and then we will let you decide which tracks to record at Rockfield for the next album and maybe you can come and join us to watch them being recorded.