rockfield studios

New Album Recording…


I’ve been recording a new six by seven album at a studio in Nottingham called JT Soar. It’s a fantastic studio with an Amek desk that used to belong to Iron Maiden. It’s also got two tape machines and lots of old tape echos and weird and wonderful vintage keyboards. The owner of the studio is Phil and he knows his stuff.

I shall be mixing the album and recording more stuff at Rockfield Studios in Wales in early December.

It’s coming together and sounding great.

Tomorrow I shall start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the album. I’ll be doing a new ‘Bleak Strategies’ book with it too, for Christmas.

The album will be released on CD before Christmas.

So Long I’ve Waited – Video…


Special thanks to Sally for making this video for the new six by seven DAF inspired track off the forthcoming double album ‘Das Ist England’ recorded at Rockfield Studios last December.

I’ll be doing a Kickstarter to fund the album very soon so it can hopefully be released as a limited edition double coloured heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Yeah!


Rockfield Pictures…


Awesome time at Rockfield Studios this weekend. We got an unbelievable amount of stuff recorded in the end. Immense preparation and hard work went into creating music in a new way for me. We took the NEU! approach and have created some wonderful pulsating grooves with hypnotic and distorted melodies as well as some songs that make Sonic Youth sound like Peter Paul And Mary, I kid you not!

Special thanks to all the lovely friends; Soren, Andy and Louise, John, Mark and Rob, Terry and Stu and the boys, who came down and made it possible and hung out and partied and became part of a weird and wonderful music making experience. Special thanks to Ric Peet for being our Conny Plank and Jack who engineered and packed all my gear away for me because he noticed how tired I was last night. And last but not least, Charlie, my favourite drummer and the best son a man could have.

Rockfield almost feels like home from home now.

Mother Of Life Video

Awesome video by Adrian from The Glove Of Bones. This is one of the songs we will be re-recording and re-working at Rockfield in February. It’s gonna sound amazing recoded in that studio with two drummers. Please keep pledging for the album, the more pledges the better we can make this, click HERE to pledge. Thanks.

New Kickstarter launched, join 6×7 at Rockfield Studios…

Help us make a great album and join us at Rockfield!

Went to see 3 great bands this weekend. Metz in Leeds and At The Drive In and Royal Blood last night at the Arena in Nottingham. Metz were awesome, reminded me of Fugazi without the shitty funk bits. At The Drive In were great too, they look and sound like MC5.

The sound of that bass guitar in Royal Blood sounds like a band in itself.

The other two bands were all fire and passion but Royal Blood were in a different league because they do it with just two people and boy they can write some great tunes.

Anyway. please head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge for what will be a cosmic and classic six by seven album. Click HERE