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Track From The Second CD Deluxe Package…


This is a track taken from the second CD which is part of the Deluxe package of the album ‘Dream On’

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New Album Recording…


I’ve been recording a new six by seven album at a studio in Nottingham called JT Soar. It’s a fantastic studio with an Amek desk that used to belong to Iron Maiden. It’s also got two tape machines and lots of old tape echos and weird and wonderful vintage keyboards. The owner of the studio is Phil and he knows his stuff.

I shall be mixing the album and recording more stuff at Rockfield Studios in Wales in early December.

It’s coming together and sounding great.

Tomorrow I shall start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the album. I’ll be doing a new ‘Bleak Strategies’ book with it too, for Christmas.

The album will be released on CD before Christmas.

EX 201


I just spent the last couple of weeks with a Moog and an old 70’s Korg drum machine, an electric piano and a guitar and a delay pedal to create this kraut ambient album.

I spent about two weeks editing it as it was all live passes. In the end, I couldn’t decide anymore where to do the edits so I left it as it was (mostly). Not sure it works that well but there are some nice moments so I thought I’d put it on Bandcamp anyway.

In the past this would have probably gone out as a MuZiK KluB release.




The Rhyme Of The Dying Artist


And as he lay there dying, he knew that he always realised life was not very long. It came as no surprise to him that he had gotten old and was now on his deathbed. Now there were no more questions left. No more ‘how long do I have’ and no more ‘what to do with the time I have left.’

Now the sense of wonder at being alive was gone. He knew that when that happens, all is lost.

It was never the idea of getting old that bothered him, it was just the idea of actually dying that seemed such a drag. He only had one life and had turned the whole thing into one big experiment. He didn’t know where he was going, but he certainly knew it wouldn’t be boring.

His art had been both a doorway to perception and a house to live in. If he had not learned about his art, he knew that it would not have mattered what he had done with his life. It was all about alienation and where he fitted into society.

He knew he was an individual who never felt he needed to have somebody qualify his work in any particular way. He was working for himself and him alone. He knew that his biggest mistakes came when he tried to second guess or please his audience. His work was always stronger when he got very selfish about it.

And as he lay there dying, he knew that life was always going to be short.


Free One Half Of Album Download

Here is Side A to a future release: The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual, the follow up to the orange vinyl, The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual. (natch)

The album is similar to The World Hates Me as it was recorded in the same way but this time I have spent a lot more time on it. The idea was to record Motorik drum beats and then sync a MiniMoog up with them and write a song over the top. The World Loves Me will be a lot guitar heavier though.

Although I’ve put this up as side A, things like running order and track length and even tracks themselves could change or be added to. You never know!

Side A will be up on the Bandcamp site for a limited time only. I’ll be giving away these tracks and more finished tracks from Side B + various demo’s for the album with my next MuZiK KluB release. 

I’ll do a Kickstarter to try and fund the album on vinyl. 


Free MuZiK KluB Download


Here are two tracks from the forthcoming MuZiK KluB release number 54. There are 10 tracks on this release. Here is a reworking of Hanger 9 which was originally released with MuZiK KluB number 42 (I’ve included this as a bonus track). Grab em for free for just a few days.



Looking Out From The Inside Of A Ping Pong Ball


I’ve been experimenting combining poetry and music on a computer. The result is a FREE 3 track EP which you can now download from my bandcamp site. I don’t particularly like making music with a mouse in my hand but making the switch to using a computer offers a different pallete of sounds to work with. The sound is always much softer when you work ‘within the box.’

I like these songs though and my son Charlie said one of them sounds like Public Image LTD in a spaghetti western (track 2). I conceived them, wrote them and recorded them all in a day before creatively collapsing in on myself.


The Simple Love Of The Only Ultimate Betrayal

Today is your last chance to get the Linen Boutique digipak CD of the ambient album The Simple Love Of The Only Ultimate Betrayal. Tomorrow I will be putting in the order for those of you who have bought them and I will send them out to you as soon as possible. Because these are so expensive to buy in, I can only make them available for one week so from tomorrow the Linen Digipak will no longer be available. You can still buy the album as a download or jewel case CD though. Get the Linen Digipak HERE


Bleak Strategies Now In Paperback on Amazon

I have also now made my twisted little ‘self help’ book, Bleak Strategies,available as a paperback on Amazon. It’s £6.99 and available HERE

six by seven EX demo’s II

I really enjoyed spending the last 3 weeks making these tracks with a Moog Model D and Korg KR55 and layering e-bow guitars and sporadic vocals over the top. They were intended to be demo’s to forge new ideas for drum beats and bass lines and vocal ideas but turned out to be great sounding in their own right.

The Moog Model D is hands down the greatest synth ever made.