Last Blog before Kickstarter ends…

Incredibly the campaign has now reached £4291 with 130 albums sold. This means that there will only be about 120 albums to put in the shops if it stays like this. I definitely won’t be selling any in my Bandcamp site after the campaign ends now as I think there are barely enough to put into the shops at a later date. So please pledge if you want this album in your possession and to get it by mid November if not earlier. It probably won’t get into the shops until the end of the year and might be quite hard to get hold of and quickly sold out.

I shall be sending it to the pressing plant next week as I’m now totally happy with how it sounds. I’ve been working on more songs for the album all week and have now added an extra 3 massive sounding build up tracks to the download part of the album. I will be adding more songs right up until the time I send the record out to you. So there should be quite a few more bonus tracks for you.

I can do this because I can keep adding to the downloads right up until I send the finished album out, right up until I know you receive it in the post with the download coupon inside.

I can’t believe we’ve sold 130 albums just via Kickstarter. In this day and age, for an artist like me, that’s a pretty damn good result! Thank you all so much and please pledge if you haven’t already.

Pledge HERE

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