The Things We Make Re-mastered Vinyl


Had a great day at Abbey Road yesterday. Went down to re-master The Things We Make and it sounded amazing. I forgot what a great album we made there. Beggars Arkive are re-releasing it on blue vinyl as a 21st anniversary limited edition early next year.

As a special treat I met up  with legendary producer and all round top man John Leckie. John worked as an in house engineer at Abbey Road from 1969 until 1978 and then went on to produce classic albums like Radioheads’ The Bends and The Stone Roses first album and many more.

We managed to have a neb into all three studios and look at some of the old desks and outboard equipment which is stacked in all the corridors and we spent a lot of time in studio 3. Most people think of Studio 2 when they think of Abbey Road but a lot was also recorded in the smaller (still big though) Studio 3. Pink Floyd did Wish You Were Here and Meddle in there for example.

John was only 19 when he was the tape operator on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album which was produced by Phil Spector in studio 3. George’s band was incredible featuring Eric Clapton’s Derek And The Dominos, Badfinger, Billy Preston, Ringo and Klaus Vormann and loads of other famous session musicians. And, because he was  actually there at the time, John was able to show us around the studio and tell us exactly how it looked back then and tell us where all the band members stood.

Here he is showing me the exact spot where George Harrison stood whilst recording My Sweet Lord!

Harreh Krishnaaaar! (as they would say in Notts).



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