Yes, I have the most disgusting pedalboard ever. There’s a reason for that. I’ve had so many pedals stolen from under my feet at gigs you wouldn’t believe it. In actual fact all of these pedals have been stolen before and retrieved from a guy who was rugby tackled running down an East London street outside the venue.

Looks are deceptive, this thing is worth some money, or at least it could be if I hadn’t defaced all the valuable 70’s pedals.  The Apple pedal on the top is a mid 70’s Electro Harmonix chorus pedal. I’ve never come across a better chorus. The Apple pedal below it is an early 70’s Electro Harmonix Phaser. These are the most sought after phasers from EHX. It’s unbelievably good, so lush and wet and warm sounding. It was used by many synth players including John Michel Jarre on Oxygen (terrible tune I know). It’s especially good on string sounding pads.

For this album I’m only using the Colorsound Overdriver (left of tuner) and Moog Delay. I can’t believe how amazing the Moog delay pedal is for a modern pedal. I picked it up off eBay for £120. It’s a true analogue bucket brigade delay with a drive circuit. Very deep and dark and dirty sounding, much like an old tape delay. I almost put everything through it nowadays just to add grit.

I’ve finished 8 tacks now for the album and I think it’s sounding really great.

I’ll post some lyrics up tomorrow. So far my favourite lyric has to be from a song called Crime Of The Century:

There was a time when Neil Young’s side-burns
Were big enough to have groupies in them
Drugs are for people who can’t face reality 
The crime of the century is just being made… 

The Kickstarter is now just £70 away from reaching it’s goal. I’m sure we will make it but I hope we go beyond because this £3000 roughly pays for all the manufacturing costs and postage, anything we raise beyond the campaign goal means the artist actually gets paid.

Now that would be a fine thing.

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