Memorabilia Package


I just picked up all the bits and pieces to go with The Things I Make book memorabilia package reward. It all looks fantastic and if you pledged you are in for a treat.

There’s all sorts included: a concert ticket, NME review, Jools Holland artist call sheet, original European Me 12″ single artwork, old set list, personal lyrics from a diary (Your Town), some tour itinerary’s, the advertising and marketing schedule for the first album, early band flier with lyrics for songs before the first album, a studio booking confirmation Fax for the first album and even a two page video treatment written by the bass player from The Jesus And Mary Chain (who wanted to make the video for For You).

Sadly this was only available as a pledge during the Kickstarter campaign. I might have a couple over though once I’ve sent all the books out. If I do, I’ll make them available in a couple of weeks time. The books should be with me within the next 8 days.


  1. Looks great Chris. Any chance of upgrading my order from a book and CD to the package with the memorabilia? I should have known you’d make it worth the extra payment. Thanks, Ian

  2. I missed the pledge campaign and gig at the Borderline in London but will surely make it up to the one in Nottingham, God willing. It will be the first gig I’ve been to in years. I won’t go into why but I’m still alive thanks to God. I don’t recall if I picked up a free ticket then through work (Radio) or my pal Chris Wilcocks. In any case; have axe, camera, zoom recorder and Neil Young on repeat.. Liberty is calling, Mike

      1. Looking forward to the book! T-shirt from the day going strong and some digital downloads. I would have got vinyl.. Still trying to convince my wife its coming back ๐Ÿ˜€ Today may be the one!

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