Abstraktion 12 Album OUT NOW…


The last Kickstarter campaign was called ‘Rockfield Album’ and was designed to raise funds for recording an album at Rockfield Studios. The campaign was a success and the album we recorded and are releasing today is called Abstraktion 12.

Therefore, if you pledged for an album during that Rockfield Album Kickstarter Campaign there is no need to head on over to the Cargo website and buy it, you should receive a vinyl or deluxe CD in the post today. If you live abroad you will get it sometime next week.


The album is limited to 200 double vinyl only and will therefore only be for sale online from the Cargo Website through mail order. It won’t be available as download or CD and it won’t be distributed through the shops.

You can check it out, read the blurb and buy it HERE

Abstraktion 12 is a unique album for these times. It was recorded live and mixed in just two days with two drummers and two Marshall stacks (and vocal).

It was not only recorded like albums of old, it has also not taken part in the modern useless phenomenon and musical horse manure that is known as ‘the loudness war.’ (This is when you push the level and compress the dynamics out of a recording to ensure it comes out of the stereo player as loud as possible).

In fact, this record has not been mastered at all. What you get on the vinyl is exactly what was recorded in the studio.

Therefore, when it arrives, make sure you treat it like a record of old, in the same special way. Take some time out, sit in front of the speakers and turn it up. Like original albums from the 1970’s, it will be quieter than your modern albums, but there is an easy remedy for this, you don’t need to compress the life out of it, you just turn it up on your system! You don’t need to crank it right up though (you can if you want –  the louder the better), all you have to do is adjust the volume to about twice as loud as you would normally have it. The record will then spring into life and the dynamics will be superb and this record will take you on a journey.

PS Don’t forget that the Limited Editon Abstraktion 12 T-shirt to go with the album is available HERE for two weeks only.

Side A:
1. Mind (Head-Fuck) 13:29

Side B:
1. Alone 17:40

Side C:
1. Fade Away 4:51
2. Well 9:30

Side D:
1. Mother Of Life 14:32,
2. Would You Die For Me? 4:52

(Running time: 65:06)


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