Abstraktion 12…


The new six by seven album which we recorded at Rockfield studios will be called Abstraktion 12 and feature 6 songs with a total running time of just over 65 minutes. It will be released on double vinyl only of which 200 will go on sale at the beginning of May – online only from the Cargo Records website.

(There are too few of these for Cargo to put in the shops. I won’t be selling any through my own website or Bandcamp and it won’t be available as a download either)

I’ve been told the vinyl will be delivered between the 18th and 27th April so, if you pledged on Kickstarter, you will get your vinyl and cd’s before the album goes officially on sale.

We also had these gorgeous linen digipaks made which I received today, they have a real Joy Division deluxe box set look and feel about them. If you didn’t pledge on Kickstarter or order one of these last week then I’m afraid it’s too late to get one now.

(I will send the CD’s out together with the vinyl)

I will also start a brief T-shirt campaign in the next few days which will lead up to and beyond the gig in London on Saturday April 14th at The Borderline. These will also be limited edition.

Sorry about all this limited edition and one-off gig stuff, but it’s the only way I can manage and keep the band going these days. Still, on the plus side, if you buy something, you will have an album, T-shirt or CD which is going to be rare and probably worth more than you paid for it in years to come (probably about 150 years).

All I can say is: THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!! Come to London on April 14th to hear it in all it’s glory.




    1. That one is just me, to finish the album, otherwise there would have only been one 14 minute track on the last side so I thought I’d put an extra song on. It really works with the rest of the album. (otherwise I wouldn’t have put it on).

      1. Thank you, sounds great. Really looking forward to hearing this. And the CD’s look beautiful!

  1. Does the title imply a relation to the Twelve music, or is it just aesthetically pleasing? (The K in Abstraktion suggests Germany too).

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