six by seven:04 Deluxe Vinyl…

This arrived just now and it looks AMAZING. Heavy weight vinyl too. Out in April for RSD limited edition of 500. (Please don’t ask me for one, these can only be sold through the designated shops on Record Store Day).

This is still my favourite six by seven album. This deluxe version also has the two tracks we did with Death In Vegas on it (Pretty Baby and She Didn’t Say – they were both used as B-sides). It also has the original heavy version of Ready For You Now on it.



  1. The red looks a lot closer to ’77 than the cd. Is the white band printed on the sleeve or is it removable? And to echo Mathais, will it be available in Spain? I know there’s a couple of shops in Mallorca that take part in RSD….

    1. RSD is now international / worldwide. If you google you will find your nearest shop that is taking part. All you have to do then is ask them in advance to get you one. This helps the band and the shop as they will then order more than one. Everything we give to the shops is NOT sale or return on RSD so we get paid without having to worry that the records will come back to us if they don’t sell.

  2. Just seen the track listing as well…on this site:

    …..but strangely everything on the album’s running order has been completely re-sequenced!
    Is this correct? I was only wondering because some of the segues (cross-fades) between the originally-ordered tracks on the CD (e.g. Lude 1 flowing into There’s A Ghost is really cool, Untitled into Sometimes I Feel Like….) work really well and this suggests that it’s all completely changed!

    1. Sorry about that Martin. I had do it like this as a direct copy of the CD wouldn’t fit on a single vinyl. So I ran into trouble doing it as a double vinyl straight away, I couldn’t just copy what was on the CD onto vinyl (I think Leave Me Alone is over 11 minutes long, I wouldn’t have been able to put that song on the record and it’s part of it.)

      It’s a different way of listening when you have to turn the record over and some tracks that need bass have to go at the beginning of the vinyl. I was thinking of the sound and making it the best I could and getting everything on there (and more) If vinyl had of been viable back then I would have done it like this. I thought that people would have the CD anyway and this was a new way of looking at the album. I take your point though and I’m sorry if I’ve gone too far. It might be quite a cool new way to listen to the songs though!

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