Free Compilation album

This album is made up of three albums I made about 4 or 5 years ago called Panik, Tragik and Magik. As I remember I used only a Moog synth with an 8 track recorder in my front room to make this music. However, listening back to some of the tracks I’m thinking I might be wrong as I can hear a Sequential Circuits 600 and an Oberheim Filter sound on some of the tracks and I know I borrowed these synths from a friend around that time for a brief period. Also, I may have used my Akai MPC to sequence the odd beat!

Anyway, the idea was to create some soundtrack music for a cold war spy film (which obviously doesn’t exist!). Listen to these tracks loud in a dark room sitting in the middle of the speakers. Sometimes these old analogue synths actually sound like they are alive.

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