Free T-Shirt Offer…


For one week only, get a free t-shirt when you subscribe to Twelve, my subscription based Krautrock side project.

There is also a brand new free mini album for anyone to download right now GET IT HERE Go get the album, if you like it, have a listen to the other stuff and subscribe!

Singles are released on the 12th of each month. You can go for a download only subscription or subscribe to receive a vinyl style CD delivered to your door each and every month for a year.

If you subscribe now, you will get tomorrows January 4 track EP included + a Free T-shirt + loads of extra stuff from the back catalogue.


Thanks CHRIS


    1. Thanks Simon! No, I wish I could give everyone a free t-shirt but I can’t. The only thing is that subscription has gone up but all existing subscribers get it for the same price. I thought it was a bollocks idea to be honest, it did cross my mind that it was unfair on existing subscribers. I should have done it from the start but instead I put the price of the subscription up as it’s now been going two years. Thanks for subscribing. I love doing the Twelve stuff, it’s just a shame most six by seven fans aren’t that into it, me poncing around with synths and drum machines!

      1. Yes please, that would be great. I can still see the tracks on the app on my phone, but can’t down load them to listen off line.

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