New MuZiK KluB release 51


I’ve put out a MuZiK KluB release, a one off, it’s number 51. The music that’s on the main CD was not really suitable for the bandcamp page and I didn’t want to throw it away  because it’s pretty good as it was recorded in my studio with drums, bass and guitar and more guitars and vocals overdubbed later. I was working on an album and we were just playing and jamming tracks down with vocals and finished lyrics. I was listening to a lot of Thurston Moore and Can and the record is very groovy with chimey guitars but it wasn’t the sound I was looking for so halfway through the overdubbing I abandoned it.

I’ve also included 5 extra songs with those abandoned album recordings which were recorded over the last 3 months or so.

There is also a second CD with the release. I’ve had some digipak CD’s manufactured of my solo album ‘Sign On You Crazy Diamond.’ (The picture above is a mock up, I’ll put some pictures of the actual stock up when I get them delivered this week)

I released this album quite a few years ago through bandcamp but then deleted the Chris Olley bandcamp page and forgot about the album. I stumbled across it recently and listened to it and was surprised at how good it sounded. It was made on a laptop and has a very Kraut feel to it and a few songs are in German too.

Anyway, it’s another MuZiK KluB release! I’ll be sending them out around the middle of this week.  Click HERE to buy.


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