Now that the MuZiK KluB is coming to an end I’ve been going through some of the releases to find ‘band’ projects that I did during the four years of the MuZiK KluB so I can perhaps have a go at remastering them and presenting them with their own individual bandcamp page, available as a free download.

The first of these will be a project I called RED which came out with MuZiK KluB Release number 20 back in February 2015.

With the MuZiK KluB, because I was doing so much music, I often bought instruments off eBay and then used them to make sounds that would take me down a different road than the one I normally would go down. Usually I would sell the instrument a few months later and try to buy something else with the money to try a different approach again. This often resulted in me kicking myself a year later and wishing I hadn’t sold the drum machine or synth as I would have liked to do another album of a specific project.

With this project I tried to do an electro version of Talking Heads meets Joy Division with a 303 bassline synth and 707 drum machine and also a Novation synth. Everything was recorded live onto my 8 track recorder and mixed later on a computer. What I ended up with was an electro kind of dark gothic funk which sounded like The Human League with Peter Hook playing all over it!

Have a listen and decide for yourself. I have remastered the original as I have different monitors now but other than that I have not changed anything. I’ve tagged it under ‘Alternative’ and ‘Coldwave’ in Bandcamp.

It comes in three formats: FREE download with PDF lyric book, black vinyl CD in manilla discobag and deluxe jewel case limited edition signed red vinyl CD with 8 page lyric book.

I’ve also got all the original 8 track stems which I will email you if you want to have a go at remixing the album yourself (if you buy one of the formats!).

I hope you like it. It’s free but please donate if you like it enough to listen to it more than once. I loved listening to it on my headphones walking to the post office, it’s very groovy baby.

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