Mug Shot…

mug colour glow

I’d like to thank Rob Dickinson for sending me this mug! He sent me an email the other day thanking me for all the MuZiK KluB releases and how he had enjoyed discovering so much new music through it. To thank me he said he had bought me something off eBay as a present and a memento to the MuZiK KluB coming to an end. Thanks Rob, it’s you and so many others like you that keep me going. For that I can’t thank you enough. My tea will taste so sweet from now on!


One comment

  1. So over the last 19 years you’ve written my favourite song ever, (Sometimes I Feel Like…- a song so good it was left off the Best Of Six. By Seven, twice), been responsible for over nine hundred entries on my iPod across different bands, introduced me to some great music that I very much doubt I would have discovered (La Düsseldorf etc) allowed me to get my name on an album sleeve, twice, and you got…. a mug.
    I’ll bet Sam Hampton and the rest of the band will be kicking themselves when they find out. “Look at what you could’ve won!”
    Seriously Chris, I’m just glad you like it. All the best, Rob.

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