Film press release…

The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste

six by seven documentary released today

Released today, six by seven documentary The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste
Directed by Alex Mannion-Jones

Watch full film HERE (feel free to share!):

Reissues out now via Beggars Arkive
Vinyl version of The Closer You Get with extra LP of Peel Sessions
Double CD Greatest Hits

Finally ready to be unleashed on to the world, Beggars Arkive are delighted to present The Dream Is Sweeter Than The Taste, a documentary about acclaimed Mantra band Six. By Seven, whose influential second album The Closer You Get was recently re-released along with rarities and Peel Sessions. Directed by Alex Mannion-Jones (Concrete Sleep/The Ballad Of Skelmersdale) the film follows Chris Olley and members of Six. By Seven through the streets of their native Nottingham, mixing new scenes with electrifying archival live footage. There are a range of guests talking about the band including reknowned producer John Leckie, BBC 6Music’s Shaun KeavenyNiall Doherty from Q Magazine, along with people involved with the record label, Martin Mills and Lesley Bleakley from The Beggars Group.

Despite Six. By Seven’s unique sound, their huge popularity in the music press, endless touring and the efforts of the label, the hype never quite broke through into mainstream success. However, Six. By Seven frontman Chris Olley has always kept the fanbase alive and developed his own ways to distribute music outside of the industry.

Praise for the reissues:
“The darker successors to Britpop, musically akin to the minimal guitar mantras of Spacemen 3 and Loop. Their songs harness the beauty and momentum of playing one or two chords, then socking it to you with the big change.” Mojo 4*s

“A sort of pendulum-swing away from the cheeky-chappy cheer of Britpop back toward the stoic guitar maelstroms of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, Nottingham’s Six By Seven set out to chart a course between the dissonant and the epic.” Uncut

“Veering between Sonic Youth-style jet-engine feedback and atmospheric rock, it sounds as exhilarating as it did back then.” Q 4*s

“Six. By Seven were a fantastic band. Capable of mini-epics culminating in fearsome noise.” Louder than War 8/10

“The Closer You Get is a lost classic.” Soundblab 10/10

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