EX II Kickstarter RSD…


I’ll be launching a Kickstarter for EX II on vinyl this Saturday, which is record store day so we can have our own RSD celebration without getting all commercial.

I’m so pleased with this album because it’s been years in the making and although it was quite quick to record because it’s mostly all live it was fastidiuosly put together and laboured over like no other record I’ve ever made before. It sounds monstrous. I’ve paid such attention to detail to the instruments used that everything on it is from the 70’s and the album has a very authentic feel, exactly how I wanted it. It took me years to save up and put the sound pallet together for this record. It was all recorded analogue and mixed on an old soundcraft desk.

I’ve also spent ages sitting on it, going back and listening after long breaks to make sure it still sounds good. I really feel like this is the start of something new for me, this album goes much deeper into a kraut feel than the first EX album. It’s definitely out there and I’m not going to post any tracks up in advance on soundcloud because I want the record to be listened to properly on decent equipment, in two halves, full blast. It rocks.

It’s only coming out on vinyl and limited to 300. No CD or download, sorry, that’s just the way I want it to be.

I’m also going to offer a reward (at no extra cost) whereby, if you pledge, you can choose to have your name on the album as co-producer. The front cover photograph (above) is looking pretty mean too I think! (yeah that is me).

Hopefully, together, we can make this a reality. Roll on RSD / Saturday.


  1. Ho hum; started asking round friends to see if anyone has a record deck they could lend me so that I can record this and listen to it… on my ipod.
    I can’t help but think this is just being willfully obscure…
    Anyway, if the vinyl only release isn’t elitist enough, might I suggest:

    EX III Cassette,
    EX IV Philips 2000 video cassette
    EX V DAT
    EX VI 8 track cartridge cassette.
    EX VII Laserdisc
    EX VIII Quadraphonic vinyl album
    EX IX Minidisc
    EX X Sheet music only.

    Tongue only slightly in cheek,

    1. With all due respect, Rob, stop being such a ponce! If he wants to release it as a vinyl only edition, then he’s hardly the first to do so and, in case you hadn’t noticed, vinyl is making a massive comeback. I suggest you buy this, buy a deck, then by some more decent records to play on said deck, but don’t start comparing it to laser disk, 8 track and such. That’s just being a smug arse.
      Best of luck with the record Chris. Simon.

    2. Sorry Rob, didn’t quite think I was being that bad by doing vinyl only! I wouldn’t mind releasing something on a weird format if I made it to listen to on that format. (I’ve made this album to listen to specifically on vinyl which is why I don’t really want to do this one on CD or download, you listen in a different way I think). Not sure how many people have 8 track cartridge cassettes anymore either so probably would be quite futile. I seem to be selling a lot more vinyl these days and it’s going up quite dramatically and I can make more money on each vinyl album I sell which helps keep me going. Also, things just seem more worthwhile when you put them on a nice 12″, to me as a musician anyway. It’s an interesting debate and I get your point though. Does it help that all the vinyl I do always comes with a free high quality download? I guess downloads are shit too though. Oh well, I dunno what to suggest? I guess you have to make these decisions and learn to live with the fact that it’s gonna piss someone off.

  2. Chris, you haven’t pissed me off, just ( potentially) created an inconvenience. I applaud your thinking that by only presenting the album as a vinyl pressing ‘we’ – the audience will be forced to listen to it as you intended, sat down and paying attention, and I also appreciate that records have a bigger profit margin than other formats, but does this mean we shouldn’t be listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin (or anything prior to the invention of the cd) on anything other than vinyl?
    I’ve not had a record deck for over 20 years, (sorry Simon), does this make me any less a music fan?
    Whether it’s a vinyl only release, or laserdisc or 8 track cartridge cassette, it’s still an inconvenience (to me) to source something to play it on so that I can record it for my iPod. I’ve no idea how easy it is to create download codes, I just think a download will sound better than my home recording, so the download codes that came with previous vinyl only releases were greatly appreciated by me at least.However, I also appreciate people like the tactile nature of a record & its packaging….
    Keep ploughing your own trough Chris, if I don’t like it, I can always choose not to buy it (thought I’d get it in before anyone else said it, – but of course I’m gonna buy it).

    1. What a lovely mail / reply. Why can’t everyone just discuss things in an intelligent way like this. Isn’t it strange that soon us music lovers may well have to all go back to buying a record player again? I would never have thought in a million years that vinyl would come back like this. It’s nuts but potentially it may have saved my ass (along with my MuZiK KluB and Bandcamp). The dosh from Spotify and iTunes will drive a small cult act like me out of existence. To make any money out of streams you’d have to be so popular that you actually didn’t need the money because you’d be selling out huge venues and were being given free shoes and guitars! I love you Rob. Big Hug!!

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