Six By Seven T-Shirt…

IMG_1310London Garage ‘I Was There’
SIX.BY SEVEN t-shirt

Ok, I messed up and because of this we couldn’t get the T-Shirts in time for the gig in London. So, to make up for this, and so many of you asking for T-shirts, that for one week only you can buy one in any colour and any size and I will post it to you anywhere in the world for FREE….so it’s just like you bought it at the gig.

The T-shirts have a six by seven logo across the front and the date of the gig and venue as well as the band members names across the back.


Thanks to everyone who came to the shows. London was immense….and YES, all five of us in the band have decided we all want to do some more gigs, we are just trying to work out how we can do this so it’s worthwhile for everyone…more news to follow on this.

Peace Love And Dada..CHRIS


  1. That is fucking stupendous news. The chemistry between the five of you is too magical to sit dormant. Amazing on Sat. Six.By Seven 4eva!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Can you let us know where we can watch the THE DREAM IS SWEETER THAN THE TASTE… documentary? Quite looking forward to that but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I seem to remember it would be out by now?

    Loved the gig at The Maze. Was awesome to see you guys back together. I flew in from Switzerland just for the gig. Well worth it. Thanks to you all for doing it. To have those classic songs come back to life live for one more time was great.


      1. Not as awesome as seeing all those songs played live. I swear at one point I think I even saw you all actually smiling at the same time. Now that was awesome.

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