Rough Trade Gig…

Thanks to everyone who came to Rough Trade in Nottingham yesterday, great venue and great sound and we were all quite shocked at the big turn out! First gig in 17 years and it rocked. We had an idea how we would start the set but we made the rest up as we went along. Roll on March 4th.

A Beautiful Shape

European Me

Something Wild

Oh! Dear

My Life Is An Accident

So Close

IOU Love

Don’t Wanna Stop / Slab Square

One comment

  1. Hi Chris

    A couple of my friends went to the do and have told me how good it was, unfortunately this is not helping me trying to accept that I’m stuck in NZ and not able to get to the Maze. Anyway have an amazing night on the 4th, it’s long overdue and you deserve it. Have you thought of recording the event, a comment with totally selfish reasoning, so I could at least listen to what I missed !!!!! I’ll be back in the UK from May till September so IF there are any plans for anything going on during that period please put it out through your emails, here’s hoping…..

    Kind Regards

    David Atkins CAE MIMI
    Bosch Diesel Systems Master Technician

    CEO Partner
    P.Atkins Ltd. Tauranga Diesel Services Ltd.
    Mansfield Tauranga
    England New Zealand

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