Charlie Auditions for The Bootleg Beatles!

We had a great day out in London today as we went down because my son Charlie had been asked to audition for The Bootleg Beatles. The Bootleg Beatles are the worlds biggest tribute act and they tour the world, regularly sell out the Albert Hall and once even played for the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

Charlie was brilliant and I was lucky to be able to watch him through the studio window. He’s been playing drums for ten years now and I know he is a proper drummer but even I was amazed at how he managed to mimmic Ringo so well (he’s been practicing it like crazy!)

They got him to play songs from throughout The Beatles career including Strawberry Fields Forever and he even sang and played With A Little Help From My Friends…something I don’t think Ringo ever actually did himself.

Well done Charlie. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the gig, just to be asked to go and audition at the age of 18 for something like this is brilliant in itself and it was great fun watching you morph into Ringo over the weekend and then sit behind his kit today and play those songs. Dead proud of you son!


  1. Oh wow…wow…wow…go Charlie. So proud of you. And you have the best dad and mentor you possibly could have, but then you know that. Sending my love and will keep my fingers crossed. Xxxx

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