six by seven EX..?


We started working on a couple of new projects in the studio and something pretty special is coming together at the moment. We’re trying to make something quite kraut and improvised and live and not labour too much about the recording process but just set the microphones up and play. Getting to grips with the studio now and trying to use it more and more.

This is what Can did in their Inner Space studio, gather together, discuss ideas and improvise and make songs out of the sounds created. It’s really turning out to sound a lot more structured than I thought it would and an album is now quickly bubbling to the surface. At the same time, I’m devising a series of artwork ideas that are made up of collages of already existing album covers to use for the artwork.

I’m also carrying on the tradition of not naming the six by seven albums with official titles but letting them just be known by unofficial nicknames like ‘Hollywood Splatter’ and ‘Blood-Drip album’. I like the way Led Zep never named their first albums nor did Peter Gabriel. They remain mysterious and people start to give them their own names. It’s part of the improvisational process, not giving it a name and letting the listener add their own.

I’m going to release this as a CD which will look like a mini record on vomit green vinyl. At the moment I’m busy overdubbing and editing nine tracks of bass, drums, guitar, keys and vocal which are already recorded. Hopefully this will be ready for Christmas!

I’ll post some mixes up on Soundcloud as tracks start to take shape. As we are doing this we are also working on a longer term project called ‘DAS IST ENGLAND’… It’s great having the freedom of our own studio again…just like Can and Neu and Harmonia had.


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