six by seven reunion Kickstarter


OK, getting lots of emails…the Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful but it was a success in that we are now working on an alternative way to make this show go ahead for those that pledged. It will probably be a Nottingham show. More news to follow in the next few days…



  1. That’s great news, I’ve never seen you play in your home city so that would be cool(and quite appropriate for a final gig I think). There are usually cheap flights from Berlin to East Mids too! Looking forward to hearing the updated news.

  2. Hey Ollus, How about hiring out Bracknell Leisure Centre Sports Hall for your gig? We can get 1500 (seats and standing). Car parking is good on site with easy links to and from M3/M4.
    Pricing to be discussed of course. Let me know if you want to look into it further. Mark
    If not, hope it all goes…brilliantly cute.

      1. I’m doing alright for an aging punk rocker. How about yourself?
        To save money you could do the gig by….Candlelight or maybe on Fraggle Rock, help with funds by selling …..Sawn off Metallica t-shirts…..? Oh dear, sorry, senility is finally getting the better of me. Ich bin hart wie marmalade….

  3. Nottingham more agreeable for me too. Don’t need much of an excuse to visit from Leeds. Good pubs, however the decline in vegetarian eateries has been annoying, but there’s always curry.

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