Kickstarter Album Posted…


It’s been a busy morning signing and bagging up and posting all the vinyl from the Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded last June. Yep, everything is posted and on it’s way to you now.

The record looks awesome, much better than I imagined but more importantly, I’m really pleased with it’s sound. Rocking and melodic, a sort of psychedelic post rock Anglo Kraut record! I also love the unique numbering of each one, even if it did cause me a massive headache posting each one in the right order!

Anyway, there are some on sale in the website shop if anyone missed out on pledging for the album back in June.

Thanks everyone for making this happen. I think I’d love do another one now!




  1. Hi Chris hope you are well and can help me. Just sat down to download the quite brilliant may I add latest Six.BySeven lp you have kindly done and posted but alas there was no code to get the download and lyrics. Not the end of the world as I can still play the vinyl but can not listen in the car etc… Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Terry…. in deepest darkest Norfolk


    1. Thanks Terry, everyone seems to be liking this record. Can you double check for me that there isn’t a card inside the sleeve with your download code on it? It’s the size and thickness of a business card. Sometimes you don’t see them. If it’s not in there then God knows why but let me know and I will send you a code.

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