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I recently had this encounter with someone trying to buy something off me outside of the eBay rules so they could either rip me off or save themselves £20 and save me £10. I don’t mind doing deals outside of eBay but only if the person comes round my house to buy the item and pay me in cash. I won’t do a deal outsifde of eBay and then post it. I am clearly an unhinged person. I always knew that anyway.

You have to Scroll down to the bottom and read the conversation upwards…


New message from: superchorus (445Turquoise Star)

whay are yous till talking to me i have no busness with you
im buyint anotehr synth already :)you are clearly an unhinged person
so move a long now hop hop there is a good boy :)do not contact me again



Fuck off twat. How about that! Stop trying to do deals ouside of eBay to save £20 then!! Get me banned…I couldn’t give a fuck you illiterate CUNT.


oh you are using abusive language 🙂
annoying and uselessi sugges strongly you refrain form this language
its take insanely serious by ebay the use of such insulting attacks
i may have to have you removed otherwisenow go and annoy someone else
your going on my blacklist
im banning you form my account


That’s what you’re supposed to do dickhead!


ive necver had so much time wasted on here
i could have just made and offer then to buy it on here instead of all these messages
you could have said so form the beginning and i would own it nowwhat boredumthanks


I’ve already got an offer of £180. I’ve decided I don’t want to do any deal outside of ebay. Sorry.


again discussing it here is popably not a good idea
ok then
i would have made an offer of 175 on here which you would undoutabky accept as its 185 with offers
it would be 157.50 in your pocket after 10 perc final fee from ebay
so i was going to offer 165 not in here so you still get almost 10 more07958246522thanks


So how much do you want to pay me with PayPal?


thats no so
ive paid lots of things with paypal either way
ups will have a tracking number with my signature proving that its been delivered
if sold on here ebay they will offer you no further protection
its exactly the same
they would only assist in a dispute but all money issues would be dealt with by paypal onlyits paypal that will protect me in case the item is broken
same as you are protected in case my payments bouncedalso if you look at my feedback its huge i would have no need to
scam you over such a small amount of money 🙂

if you want you can arrange the psotage with ups and i give you the information
you can then track it yourself and see proove of deliver

so let me know if we can go ahead please but obvioulsy
not in here i presume you have my mobile number by now 🙂
ok tnks


Sorry, I can’t do a deal like this. You could simply tell PayPal you didn’t get it and I’d have no proof and you would get your money back.


so can i buy the synth then 🙂
please give me an update
it needs to be collected in person rather then being picked up by ups?
if so please explain 🙂
im paying wiht paypal so we are both protected
please get back im ready to buy it 07958246522ok thanks


You would have to collect in person sorry.


hi there yeah in that case i can organise to collect it from you to here same thing
how much would you accept then if we do normal deal 🙂
but you would need to contact me to do this we cant do it in here of course 07958246522ok thanks


Have just lowered postage price. I can do a deal outside of eBay if you can collect.


hi there im interested in the synth
what offer would you accept ? ive tried twice also is it possible to simply buty it the normal way not on here but with paypal ?one other thing can i organise my own collection as i have good deal with ups and can get the postage much cheaper please contact me 07958246522 very genuinethanks






  1. That’s class I salute you sir and I doff my cap in your general direction *salutes & Doffs cap*


  2. His name is Roland from Brixton. Just a loser trying to sell other peoples synths at rip off prices. He is pretty much the biggest loser I’ve ever dealt with

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