Six By Seven at Maida Vale

six by seven 003

Six By Seven recording their 3rd Peel Session in Studio 4 Maida Vale.

When we toured, lots of stage hands and sound men gave us different stories about why Sam’s Marshall 4 x 12 Cabinet was red and not black. My wife is releated to Jim Marshall and he once invited us down to his factory in Bletchley and gave us a tour and later took us out for dinner. I thought, here is my chance to finally find out why that cabinet is red.

“Oh that’s simple!” he said.

“Our German distributor in the late 70’s favourite colour was red so I made a load of cabinets for him in red as a laugh!”

And that was it!  So Sam’s cabinet had been built in Bletchley Milton Keynes, shipped to Germany and then found it’s way back to the UK and into a secondhand music shop.

This shot was used on the EP cover of My Life Is An Accident / Ten Places To Die both of which are going to feature in the new series of Trigger Happy TV.

Photo: Phil Nicholls


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