Recording The Closer You Get

six by seven 108b.jpg

Here’s me at the Square Centre Centre Studios in Nottingham during the recording of The Closer You Get, seven’s second album. I think I’m doing an overdub as my amp would normally have been right behind me and it’s not there. It’s probably in an isolation booth or in the kitchen and I’m looking up to the control room as someone is probably shouting at me to play better.

Most of the album was recorded with this set up, a rehearsal room live set up if you like. We didn’t care too much about sound spilling into another mike and the drum mikes picked up a bit of everything. John Leckie was recording us and he knew what he was doing. We wanted to capture the live spirit of the band.

To the right by the wall and to the left behind the bass amps you can see speakers from a vocal PA. While we were recording I sang along live with the vocal coming out of the PA so it gave the right vibe. This mean’t we never wore headphones during recording, which was very unusual and felt very liberating. (I’m wearing headphones in the picture ’cause I’m doing an overdub).

If you listen to the end of Slab Square you can here a ghost vocal which sounds like a delayed vocal. It’s actually the vocal coming out of the PA and bleeding into the other mikes from the take that we used. While we were doing that take I sang the last refrain bit in the wrong place, 2 bars out I think. When I overdubbed my vocal (in the right place) it created a counter vocal and sounded like it was mean’t to be there.

Most music in the studio is made by happy accidents!

Photo by Phil Nicholls


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