Six By Seven Studio 4 Maida Vale

six by seven 148.jpg

six by seven recording their 3rd Peel Session in studio 4 at BBC Maida Vale 31st May, 2000. This session was broadcast on 5th July 2000.

The band played Another Love Song, Sleep, Sawn Off Metallica T-Shirt, England And A Broken Radio and a rip-roaring version of Overnight Success during the promotion of The Closer You Get.

Photo by Phil Nicholls.



  1. I think you also did an Xfm session at the same time. I was working for the Capital Radio Group and Xfm had moved into the 4th floor in Leicester Square. You did a session, but no one took any notes and so when they went to play it out, they realised they had no song tracks. Station Director called me in a panic and played the songs down the phone and asked me for the titles. There you go – my 15 minutes…

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