Go Figure…!

Here’s another glowing report from the NME. Gold stars all around. 

I remember reading this at the time but had long since forgotten about it until a friend brought round a load of press clippings he’d collected (as a birthday present for me yesterday). 

I remember this gig for a number of reasons, it was a totally shit night. We had, for some reason, a totally different sound on stage to the one we had in the sound check. The tour manager was taking the piss and putting so much dry ice on stage that we couldn’t see each other. The drums were all over the place; when I turned around to see what was going Davis was doing this weird pose with one hand in the air, he looked like a dick and as a result couldn’t keep time. I looked over to our bass player who just shook his head at me in disbelief. 

It was our debut album launch night. There was a huge gaggle of pretty middle aged women in the crowd in front of me all looking up at me smiling. Shit! It put me off. Eddie Reader from Fairground Attraction came backstage and went on about how awful managing directors of major labels were. One thing I remember whilst playing was seeing Terry Hall from The Specials moving and a shaking. Sadly, he never came backstage.

After the show we had an ‘aftershow party’ with free beer, the label put a tab behind the bar. By the time I finished doing interviews I got to the bar to be told the beer was gone. “I’m the singer in the band!” I protested. “I don’t give a fuck who you are!” She said. I looked around at a bar full of ligers with piles of cans in front of them ready to drink and take home. The venue were giving the beer away as quick as they could, people had been going up to the bar and getting 8 cans at a time. 

I remember our publisher buying me a beer, sort of reluctantly, and then our A&R man came over to me and said: “We just about got away with tonight Chris.” I still don’t know what he meant by that and I was to disenchanted by the whole evening to ask him. Oh yeah, and the gaggle of girls at the front all fucked off by the 3rd song because I never made eye contact with them. Still, the NME loved it.



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