six by seven press clippings…

I’ve been asked to dig out past press clipping by our old label Beggars and it’s been funny reading some of the stuff I used to say. It’s like reading an old diary but different. I never collected the press stuff at the time, I only kept odd things and I stopped reading it and taking much notice after the second album. I think this was in the Melody Maker, a great shot though by Steve Gullick outside the brand new Nottingham Tax offices. They sent security out as soon as we arrived and started taking pictures!’Clear off you louts…!!’




  1. The bassist from Placebo admitted you were better than them.

    I couldn’t agree more! The incendiary shows 6X7 did around that time were something else…

    1. Yes he did, after a show in Munich. By the time we got to Cologne Brian Molko tried to ‘forbid’ me from speaking German to the audience because it ‘was unfair and giving us an advantage!’ ‘Yeah right!’ I said towering over him on the stairs; pint sized little prick.

    1. I’ll never forget that gig, Radioheads’ manager was there and he came back to our hotel after and bought us drinks. Sam was completely fucked and bombed, he’d been drinking in the van from Montreal. Me and Chris flew from Montreal so we could spend the whole day doing press. It was one of those really vicious six by seven gigs, we trashed everything at the end.

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