New Twelve website…


I started my Twelve project years ago while we were waiting for our record label to put out our second album. I was always into multitracking and creating sounds and writing music and around that time I had managed to buy a reel to reel recorder and a mixing desk. I started recording stuff with our drummer but we couldn’t really do anything proper with Twelve because we were on a label as six by seven. (legal reasons mostly)

At the time, I wanted Twelve to be a singles club, releasing two songs every month (hence the name Twelve). I did release a few but the internet was still in it’s infancy back then and the band duties started coming up (touring etc.)

Anyway, over the years it’s been different things this electronic side project of mine, producing varied music, until recently when I decided to stop it and start again. I’ve spent months working on new material and trying to forge a distinct sound. That’s not easy. I wanted it to go back to Kraut roots but make a sound different from traditional Krautrock. I found that playing old analogue instruments, especially the Roland ones which have become synonymous with sound of Techno, gave me a sound I was looking for. For now anyway.

I love the sound of the Roland TB 303, it has this very rebellious sound I think, it’s almost like the electric guitar of electronic music. Combining the 303 with the loops and the drones of Krautrock and recording without a computer is what is creating the new sound. I’m really happy with it and I also have tried to sell and present the music in a new way.

Anyway, I won’t waffle on here about it because I think the website speaks for itself and there’s a video up there which explains everything. So click on the picture above and go over and have a listen and a look around. I hope you like it.





  1. I recently lent a lass at work, who is 25 & also a very food friend of mine, “The Closer I Get” & she thought it was a good album.

    That will always be one of my favourite albums & whoever wrote “Another Love Song” should be knighted. Simply but superb!

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    1. Thanks. Well I had those chords in my head for years after someone showed me how to play Here Comes The Sun. We recorded it in my cellar, I actually sampled the drums into an Akai S3000, I think it was two loops! If you like The Closer You Get then there is some fantastic news coming soon.

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