John Leckie interview…


This months MuZiK KluB release has a great interview which I did with top producer John Leckie who recorded The Bends by Radiohead and The Stone Roses’ first album amongst many other things. John came to see us just after our first album came out and worked with us producing The Closer You Get as well as Always Waiting For… one of my favourite six by seven songs.

There are some real gems in this 4500 word interview in which he talks about working with six by seven, some artists he never worked with (trust me, some of this is hilarious!) and production techniques and answers lots of other brilliant long winded questions I gave him!

It was really great of him to do this for me and exclusively for the MuZiK KluB.

I shall be posting all the release number 32’s out tomorrow.



  1. The album arrived yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that it is definitely one of your best ones. I think not editing and letting the songs just go where they want to was a great call. Muzik Klub 33 is definitely up there with Klub Mix 33.

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