Get Sum…


I’m loving this new little Twelve album I’ve just put out. It’s totally different from any of the other Twelve albums but still fits the Krautrock brief; Acid-Kraut! I played it live with a Roland 707 drum machine and two 303 bassline machines into a multitrack recorder (not a computer). It has an old skool sound and it’s got a helluva groovy bounce to it.

The title track, Get Sum, reminds me and my wife of an old acid track but we can’t put our fingers on which one it is. Quite possibly from the 90’s but could be later…a free album to anyone who can tell us, it’s driving us mad!



  1. Hi Chris

    Got me package today. Opened it pulled out jewel case….smiled. opened jewel case…..frowned at an empty case. Can you send cd on please if possible.



    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 21:12:22 +0000 To:

    1. Sorry about that. I made up a little batch of 6 because I’d sold 4. I burned the 4 CDs I’d sold and then put the other two empty ones to one side. Then I sold another two and put them straight into the envelopes and printed the postage label and threw them in the post box. A couple of hours later I thought, ‘shit! I think I forgot to put the CDs in!’ But I couldn’t remember who got the two empty boxes! I’ll send the cd off straight away and change my system back to the one that works, ie. always make up the whole CD, including burning them!!

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