Happy New Year and new MuZiK KluB out now!

Scan 2016-1-1 0002

Hi Everyone,

What a great end to the year, getting Eat Junk Become Junk to the top of the Amazon Rock chart and knocking Slade and The Darkness of the top of the xmas tree. Hopefully we will have some good news about this soon…

There’s a new MuZiK KluB out with some rocking tunes. 6 tracks of psychedelic garage rock with drums and big guitars and 4 tracks of German underground psychedelic techno with yours truly singing in German. Have a listen HERE

(I’d just like to thank Andre in Germany for pulling me up on my German spelling btw!)

Anyway, hope you all have a great new year. I’ll send the MuZiK KluBs out on Monday and hopefully we will have our first Radio Bremen release this month too. We’ve got some great bands lined up for the next few releases.

Peace And Love, CHRIS


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