All I Have To Give

me with book!

I’m so proud of my Aunty Mary who sent me her latest novel today. She has written all her life and after the advent of the internet and being able to self-publish and sell her own work independently she was picked up by publishers Pan MacMillan who now release her books and distribute them commercially.

And what’s made my day is that I have a name check in this one because I helped her with some research. How cool is that!

me with book 2

Aunty Mary you are a shining light to us all of how an artist should never give up. Love you lots.XXX




  1. So glad you like it, and cannot thank you enough for your invaluable help with First World War matters to do with little known aspects that I needed to know. Your pride in me is a joy to me, as I have always looked up to you as an artist, so proud you call me that too. Love you, Aunty Mary xxxx (haha, turning your blog all slushy….)

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