New ‘Gothic’ MuZiK KluB out now

MuZiK KluB *28 double CD goth special!

Gothic special! I’m really pleased with this months songs. I wanted them to sound gothic without actually sounding Goth. A bit reminiscent of Spacemen 3 and Elliott Smith but defo have their own sound. I recorded them in my front room with a drum, my voice and a couple of guitars and then did post production in the studio adding hammond and extra vocals and guitar.

So, you get the usual card, signed and numbered with an 8 page lyric booklet and there is also an interview I did from way back in 1995 with awesome Duluth band LOW. There’s also the usual newsletter + 3 colour postcards as well as a compilation CD of some great music I have picked for you!

1. Slip Away
2. Suicide Note
3. Lonely
4. Heavy Hand
5. Faceless
6. Take It Away
7. What You Did
8. On My Own


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