six by seven Glastonbury 2008 super 8 video

You can have a look at a great 10 minute video HERE of six by seven playing at The Glade, Glastonbury 2008. Its great super 8 footage and there are loads of shots of people in the crowd. If you were there and at the front you will probably see yourselves! Who is the guy with the Things We Make T-shirt on?!

There is no sound to this video as it’s super 8 but we are currently editing it and putting some music over it for YouTube.

Also, for the first time we’ve put a medley compilation up of the 8 MuZiK KluB tracks coming up in this months MuZiK KluB release which is  a two CD Gothic Halloween special. (Sadly you can’t watch the video and listen to the tracks at the same time. The medley compilation is in the site wide player at the bottom of the page.. enjoy!)

IMPORTANT. The site has had a slight revamp and the MuZiK KluB releases, as well as the items in the shop, are all now on the home page.


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