FREE Twelve Album available now


FREE 24BIT Download

For lovers of Can, Neu, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk and Berlin Bowie please help yourselves to the new Twelve album – “Houston, We Are All About To Die”


Yes, you get 24 bit lossless WAV’s or just about any choice of format you want by clicking HERE. (It will say ‘Buy It Now – Name your price: Just put £0.00 into the box and this brilliant album is yours to enjoy) You can always donate if you want to!

It’s a rocking album, well produced and recorded entirely analogue through an SSL channel strip, and no computers were used to make the recordings. Cool neo-Kraut grooves and psychedelic outpourings of guitar and even vocals!

The physical album is also available in a Jewel Case and retro style vinyl CD for just £5


1. Speak While You Can
2. Long Way Down
3. Hide Her And See
4. Capricorn Four
5. Florian Schneider
6. Want Song
7. Alien TV Groove
8. Garage Kraut-Funk
9. Florian Zwei
10. Two Minute Wonder


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