MuZiK KluB and other stuff…


Sorry, I’m a bit late with this but MuZiK KluB 26 is out now. Some of you might remember that I did a limited edition EP about 6 years ago called Six 8-Track Demo’s. This months MuZiK KluB has the follow up to that, the aptly titled, Six 8-Track Demo’s part II. Also included are 8 six by seven rehearsal room demo’s recorded through a desk from around 2008. Although unfinished, there are some really good songs from those sessions which included myself, Sam Hempton, James Flower and Pete Stevenson. I often thought about finishing them but was always too busy moving forward. That’s what the MuZiK KluB is all about though, being able to release stuff like this so it remains exclusive and stays in peoples collections rather than ending up on YouTube!

Yesterday I sent out a free download code to everyone on the six by seven mailing list so they could redeem a remixed and remastered version of the original Six 8-Track Demo’s EP. If you aren’t on the list and didn’t get it, please email me for a code and I will add you to the list.

Sorry I only posted one blog during our recent bike trip to Spain but it was more complicated than I thought and I had many problems uploading stuff in hotel rooms when all I wanted to do was be outside eating a pizza! I will post some pictures soon though.


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