It’s getting warmer


So far so good. Left Nottingham after a brief panic on Monday morning. We miscalculated with the luggage and I had to leave half my stuff behind. Now I’m travelling with one pair of trousers, two t-shirts, and two pairs of socks and some DAZ. Going through the channel tunnel in Calais we could see bits of clothing all along the top of the fences attached to the barbed wire and police and guys building huge new fences.

Since then we rode to Bayeux in Normandy which was all in all around 450 miles in one day. The following morning we went to see the Bayeux tapestry and were almost the first in and left just as coach loads of Italian tourists turned up. I noticed how the tapestry had been edited in places through the ages, you know, the horses genetalia had extra bits of patchwork sewn on top.

After that we headed off to Omaha beach were we were going to make a little film of me running from the waters edge to the first point of cover but alas it was high tide so we rode up to Ste. Mere Eglise, the first place in France to be liberated by U.S. Airborne troops, they have an effigy of one hanging from the church roof.

After that, blasted down south for another 350 miles to Niort to stay two nights with friends. Yesterday we headed towards Andorra. The plan was to stay in Andorra but we realised we couldn’t make it, just too far. We also visited Oradour Sur Glande on the way, an incredibly moving place and one of the saddest places you will ever see.

The rides have been gruelling and, although it looks it, this bike is not comfortable after an hour and a half, especially for the pillion, and you have to keep stopping. So, we have torn up our plan and are taking it easy and booking places to stay from our phone on the day, which works ok. We’ve also just booked a ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth to save a1000 odd miles ride back! It will be cheaper and save our arses more ache.

Today we are in Montauban, just before Toulouse and are now going to head for Barcelona via the mountains of Andorra. The ride from Andorra to Barcelona is meant to be in the top ten of the best bike rides to do in the world. 










  1. Keep it going guys…sounds like a blast.
    It’s cool to make it up as you go, ditch the schedule.

    Have a cold campocruz for me!

  2. Enjoyed your blog Chris. Hope your posteriors aren’t suffering too much. Would some foam cushioning help? Enjoy yourselves! R

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