Fifty today

Yep, 50 years on the planet today. Big thanks to all my family who chipped in to help me get a screen and a sissy bar for my bike! 

Now I’m the same age as Hitler was in 1939 but I’m in no position to invade Poland. I’m 8 years older than Elvis ever got largely thanks to a healthy diet and no prescription pills. I got 10 years further than Lennon but never wrote the songs, but neither did McCartney. I ain’t gonna be on TOTPops and I have to finally accept I’m never going to play in goal for West Ham.

So what does the future hold? Nothing I guess! A downhill slide towards a mortal illness? I can’t retire from music because I love it and it keeps me sane. Will I go out in a blaze of morphine on a hospital bed or screaming furiously as England lose a cup final? I suppose I could become a zombie in an old peoples home, Alzheiming at the wall.

Lots to look forward to then but in the meantime I’m going to live every day the best I can, like its my proverbial last, starting by going out for a meal tonight! God bless you all.




  1. Happy birthday Chris, I look forward to hearing more great music from the post 50 version! Enjoy your meal tonight. Alles gut und prost!

  2. Many Happy Returns Chris just keep giving me the music …love, peace and sympathy my friend love peace and sympathy /

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