Flanders Trip

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About 12 hours on the bike, about 8 blisters on my feet, 4 museums, 3 cemeteries, 2 pizza’s, 1 Spag Bol and probably over 20 cans of Jupiter! Cool weekend!

On the first picture of the slideshow you can see where the word ‘determined’ was added to the monument, replacing the word ‘barbaric’. This was done after the second world war by the Worcestershire Regiment.

The second picture shows the headstone of a general who died in 1982 and wanted his ashes spread across the same land all his men had died on. The old general was on a trip down the Nile in Egypt when he got talking to a Belgian tourist and told him about where he fought in the Great War and what he wanted to happen to him after he died. The Belgian turned out to live in Zillebeke on the Ypres Salient, exactly where the general had fought and promised him that he would take care of his wishes and look after his headstone. The house where the Belgian man lived is right behind the headstone and the people that live there today still maintain the little graveyard. The General has now been joined by his wife and daughter who are now buried beside him.


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