1. Chris,
    By god man, as much as I look forward to your music and damn near every bloop and screech and song and siren seduction and melody you put out, I can’t afford this record culled from a tour that you already said you were so furious with and an album you expressed such disdain for. Hell, I wish I could have enough spare pennies for the muzik klub stuff, but I don’t. I’ll support you as much as I can, but, sometimes, I feel shafted. I know this is a poor show, but it’s still how I feel. Regardless, was listening to Club Mix33 tonight. That’s a treat.

    1. Disdain? I thought Love And Peace And Sympathy was quite a good record?

      Maybe I should give this bootleg away? But I already did?

      Why am I shafting you?

      What do you want me to do?

      1. Hell, fella, I apologise for the foolish ruminations. You’re shafting nobody. I guess I just took umbrage at your profligacy.(!) As I said, I wish I could keep up and pitch in with all, but there’re quite a few people making music and writing and filums that I’m ploughing what I have into. It’s not much, but it looks like the way onward….

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