Gavin Clark RIP

I was sad to hear about the death of Gavin Clark, who died on Monday, a fine fine singer. (Is it just me or is the beginning of this song a sample chopped up of Sam Hemptons guitar from the middle of Candlelight? It sounds EXACTLY the same?)

Here’s a great documentary about Gavin by Shane Meadows…

Noisey are extremely proud to present “The Living Room” – a new film from Shane Meadows, the man behind films such as “This Is England” and “Dead Man’s Shoes”. The film is about Shane’s long term friend and collaborator Gavin Clark, whose music features in many of Shane’s projects.

Update: On Monday morning (February 16, 2015), Gavin Clark shockingly passed away at the age of 46. A peerless songwriter and poet, Gavin is infamous for his work with Sunhouse and Clayhill, and had collaborated heavily with UNKLE. He is also much loved for his musical collaboration with visual director Shane Meadows on films such as Somers Town and This Is England, plus the recent live re-scoring of Dead Man’s Shoes.



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