MuZiK KluB 19 includes latest F*** Me USA Album!

fuck me USA Lost Masters

Great new MuZiK KluB release this month which is a feast of Electro-Clash inspired by Spacemen 3, Underworld and Suicide! Listen to a stream of “Nothing Feels Real Anymore” here…

1. Nothing Feels Real Anymore 7:04
2. I’ll Trouble You No More 7:13
3. I Nearly Lost My Way 6:08
4. I Don’t Want To Follow Leaders 6:20
5. To Be Truly Alone 4:00
6. I Feel Your Love 5:04

Fuck Me USA – The Lost Masters
1. Gangster Love (On The Freeway)
2. Mean Street
3. Jimmy on the Stateside
4. My Side Of Town
5. American Dream
6. NYPD Blue
7. Downtown Shakedown
8. Guns For Hire
9. Lonely City
10. New Your City Blood


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